1. Every student must have a permission slip signed by a parent on file prior to the study trip.
  2. Teacher(s) must have emergency cards available for each student if emergency information is not included on the study trip permission slip.
  3. A reasonable number of teachers/chaperones must be present to supervise the students on the study trip.
  4. It is the teachers/chaperones’ duty to supervise their group of students in order for the students to be safe and courteous.
  5. Parents who drive must have Proof of Insurance (Declarations Page) on file with the school showing that they have $100,000/$300,000 liability coverage AND a DMV driver record printout, available at
  6. A Megan’s Law check will be conducted on parents who drive and/or chaperone.  Overnight trip chaperones must complete a Live-Scan fingerprint check and TB test prior to an overnight field trip.
  7. Car seat, seat belts, and air bag regulations must be observed.  A child under the age of 8 must be secured in a car seat or booster seat in the back seat unless they are over 4’9” tall.  Parents are responsible for providing the car/booster seat for their child.
  8. If a child is acting in an unsafe or disrespectful manner, that child may be asked to be picked up by a parent from the trip.  The child may also be excluded from future study trips or may be required to attend with their parent.
  9. Drivers are expected to go directly to the study trip location and/or directly back to school after the study trip.
  10. Study trips are for students.
  11. All non-parent drivers must be over the age of 25.
  12. Any parent/guardian taking students home before the end of the school day must sign out with a staff member.
  13. Students must arrive to school by the designated trip arrival time or they may not be allowed to attend the trip.

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