Fantastic Friday Enrichment Program

We are accepting Fantastic Friday Student Enrichment Program donations! The suggested voluntary donation amount is $100 per student. Donations are accepted now and throughout the school year.

The Arts are so important to our student’s development, that we suspend all regular classes for an entire day to allow our students to be able to rotate through Fantastic Friday, which is designed to build self-confidence and foster a lifelong love for learning. Exposure to the Arts, in all forms, is essential in a student’s well rounded education and their ability to become a positive contributor in society. In this day and age, when whole school districts are cutting PE, music and art classes from their curriculum, we stand firm in providing this type of education for all of our students.

All of your Fantastic Friday donation will go towards covering costs of the program, which can amount up to $2,590 per student, in comparison with the local community programs. We thank you in advance for your help in continuing to provide your student with this opportunity to be successful.


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