Antioch Charter Academies Driver/Chaperone Policies

In order to have the most successful study trips it is important that all volunteers have clear information and expectations in order to provide students with the best learning opportunities.  Study trips are an extension of the school classroom. Any rules that apply at school also apply on study trips.

Please carefully read the procedures and expectations below. After reviewing the information, please sign and return to your child’s classroom teacher. We will need your signature prior to chaperoning any study trips this school year.

  1.     All study trip permission slips must be returned by the date indicated on the form.
  2.     All drivers will turn in a copy of their automobile insurance declaration form, with a minimum of $100,000/$300,000 coverage at the beginning of the school year or prior to the study trip. 
  3.     All drivers must also turn in a DMV Driver Record at the beginning of the school year or prior to the study trip.
  4.     Drivers and chaperones must provide the school with full name, address, and phone number so that the school may conduct a Megan’s Law check prior to the trip.  Overnight trip chaperones must complete a TB test as well as a Live-scan Fingerprint check through the school prior to overnight trips.
  5.     All non-parent drivers must be over the age of 25.
  6.     Study trips are for students only.  No siblings are allowed.
  7.     The day of the trip, all parent chaperones need to arrive by the designated chaperone time to receive a map, itinerary and group information. Please prepare the car appropriately BEFORE arriving at school (full tank of gas, clean car, working seat belts, etc…)
  8.     All parents are expected to follow the map provided. It is important that everyone can be found in case of an emergency.
  9.     Per California law, all persons must wear a safety belt when in a moving vehicle.  A child under the age of 8 must be secured in a car seat or booster seat in the back seat unless they are over 4’9” tall.
  10. Parents are expected to follow the trip itinerary. It becomes an unfair situation to students when one parent takes their group to McDonalds, Starbucks, etc.…It also can be a problem if everyone is waiting for a group who has stopped off somewhere, such as shopping, along the way.
  11. On the trip, please keep your group together at all times. Encourage them to explore and absorb the trip experience.  If an illness or behavior issue arises, please do not hesitate to take the student to a teacher. 
  12. Please give accurate cell phone numbers to the teachers. If a number changes, please let the teachers know the day of the study trip. The ability to communicate with each group is crucial.
  13. Please return to the school at the end of the trip and return your study trip packet to the teachers. If you are driving children that are not your own, please check in with a teacher at the end of the trip to let them know all assigned students have been returned to school.  If you are driving only your children, please sign out with a teacher before leaving the trip.
  14. Students have requested that their drivers make sure the music they play on the radio is clean (no foul language), that chaperones do not use foul language during the study trip, and that chaperones do not put their hands on the students.
  15. The students are told not to eat in their driver’s car, unless the driver gives permission.
  16. Sometimes the places we go have a gift shop.  Students are told they are NOT allowed to go in the gift shops, unless the teachers have given specific permission prior to the trip.  We want them to use the short time they have exploring & learning, not shopping.
  17. Please remember not to smoke or vape near any of the students. Any alcohol or marijuana intake is prohibited for the entire duration of the trip.
  18. Any special accommodations need to be cleared with the teachers at least one week before the trip.
  19. Specific study trips may have additional requirements.


Thank you to all the parents who support our study trips. We appreciate your support and know we could not provide these experiences to the students without your help. We thank you in advance for helping us keep all our children safe and enjoy the experiences of the trip. By following the procedures and expectations you help us keep our students safe, as well as provide them with a model of respecting teachers and following school rules. 

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