Be in the Know 
*Project Presentations begin this week.  This project includes completing an experiment, which answers a driving question.
*Missing Work: This Friday is the last day to turn in missing assignments for this unit (Extreme Earth).  2nd trimester report card grades will include the Renaissance and Extreme Earth units.
Weekly Work (additional assignments may be added by teachers)
Vocabulary Assignment: Membean (new program) – 15 minutes a day, 3 times a week; quiz on Friday
Writing: write a resume; due Feb. 13th
Current Events: Work in teams to debate a topic chosen in class.

Be prepared to research your topic in depth, then prepare questions and statements to reinforce your team’s position, and to stand up and participate in a formal debate in front of a group; final debate on Thursday

RJW:  due on Fridays
Literature (Nation): read assigned pages by Thursday, quiz, and literature discussions on Fridays
Extreme Earth Project: Project & experiment should be done, and students should be practicing presenting. Have them present the project to you. Presentations begin tomorrow.
Science:  Extreme Earth (assignments are in class, unless they don’t finish, then it is homework)
Math pacing guide, with assorted due dates; assessments on Fridays