Be in the Know 
*Great Kindness Challenge Spirit Week is this week!  The themes of each day are:

– Monday: Team Kindness (Sports Day)

– Tuesday: Share the Kindness (Twin Day)

– Wednesday: School Spirit (Wednesday Shirt)

– Thursday: Crazy for Kindness (Crazy hair or socks Day)

– Friday: Dream of Kindness (Pajama Day)

On Friday, January 26th, instead of taking our walk around the neighborhood, we will walk up to Contra Loma reservoir.  This is part of our “get ready for Yosemite” activities.
For students who are going to Yosemite, please have them bring their hiking boots 🥾 (they can bring regular shoes to change into after the hike).  If they haven’t gotten them yet, please make sure you get them soon, for they need to show us they have them, plus they need to start breaking them in if they are new.
For the students not attending Yosemite, they will still participate in the hike, but can wear their normal walking shoes 🙂
*Fundraising opportunity for 8th grade trip:  The FN needs 4-5 8th grade students to act as servers, and auction helpers for their spaghetti dinner fundraiser.  Students who help, will “collect tips”, which will be applied to the cost of their 8th grade trip.  If your student is available, and wants to help, have them speak with us.  The spaghetti dinner is Tuesday, Feb 13th and they would need to be here 5:15~7:30pm (the night before Yosemite).  If we do not get enough 8th graders interested in helping out, we will take 7th grade helpers, and their “tips” will be held for them for their 8th grade trip.
Weekly Work (additional assignments may be added by teachers)
Vocabulary Assignment: Membean (new program) – 15 minutes a day, 3 times a week; quiz on Friday
Writing: Students will begin a Poetry/Writing Unit in class this week. Assignments will either be in class or due the following day. This unit will be for the entire 6 weeks.
Writing: Write a poem about your family using metaphors. Pick one unit to compare your family, mention all members of your immediate family in the poem. Pets too, if you want; due Jan. 25th
RJW:  due on Fridays
Literature (Nation): read assigned pages by Thursday, quiz, and literature discussions on Fridays
Current Events: Write a letter to be included in the ACA weekly newsletter asking for donations in support of creating “care/emergency baskets” for local residents of Antioch (or your community) after an Earthquake. In your letter, cite evidence of why certain donated items are necessary for each basket. due Friday
Extreme Earth Project: Should be finishing up their slides, and starting on their experiment. Have them show you their project. Practice Presentation is this Thursday, January 25th.
Science:  Extreme Earth (assignments are in class, unless they don’t finish, then it is homework)
Math pacing guide, with assorted due dates; assessments on Fridays