Be in the Know  😎

*New Unit (6 weeks) – Extreme Earth!  We are moving from History focused projects to Science focused projects! For this unit’s big project, students will have 2 parts to complete: produce a slideshow presentation, and conduct a science experiment (see attached document). For their literature book, students will be reading Nation (if you like dry humor, we recommend you read this book too!).  Ask your student what topic they chose for their presentation!
*Yosemite is a little over a month away!  Students & chaperones who are attending should be gathering their gear.  Students who are not attending will have regular school, with the mornings focused on  Yosemite (science, language arts & history) curriculum. 


Weekly Work (additional assignments may be added by teachers)
Vocabulary Assignment: due Wednesday, quiz on Friday
Current Events: Find an article related to our theme (EXTREME EARTH). After you read it, write a three paragraph summary of the article. Due Thursday
Writing: Students will begin a Poetry/Writing Unit in class this week. Assignments will either be in class or due the following day. This unit will be for the entire 6 weeks.
RJW:  due on Fridays
Literature (Nation): read assigned pages by Thursday, quiz on Fridays
Extreme Earth Project: Students picked topics and project groups today. They need to start researching. Practice Presentation is on January 25th.
Science:  Extreme Earth (assignments are in class, unless they don’t finish, then it is homework)
Math pacing guide, with assorted due dates; assessments on Fridays