Head’s Up…Important Stuff:


  • Thank you to everyone who donated items/money for our basket.  We think we had the best one in the raffle!
  • Secret Santa: The Secret Santa Exchange will take place tomorrow, December 19th, after the unit final.  Students who drew names need to bring their gift on that morning.  Students who are not participating can watch, or can play board games in Room 8.
  • Renaissance Projects –  Presentations finished up today.
  • Student Requested Trip – Ice Skating:  Thank you to the 20 parents who filled out the form.  Unfortunately, we needed at least 95% of the class to respond, and we needed at least 9 drivers, so we will not be doing this trip in January.
Week 6- Renaissance Assignments- not inclusive; teachers may add additional assignments. In class assignments not finished during class will become homework.
  • Writing 5-6 – Two-week assignment.  Write a short science fiction narrative that includes a reference to at least one of the given options; Final paper is due tomorrow
  • Unit Final –  tomorrow, December 19th
  • STAR Assessments (Math & ELA) – today & tomorrow
Next Unit is Extreme Earth!  School starts on Monday, January 8, 2024
Hope you have a fantastic break!