Head’s Up…Important Stuff:


  • Family Flurry of Fun Raffle Basket…Please send in your donation by today December 11th.
  • Yosemite Online Registration is due: Thank you to the 22 parents who have filled out the form for their student, and the 7 adult chaperones who have filled it out for themselves.  If you have not filled out the form (there are 11 of you for students and 4 of you for chaperones) please do it today.  This is required.
  • Secret Santa: The Secret Santa Exchange will take place on Tuesday, December 19th, after the unit final.  Students who drew names need to bring their gift on that morning.  Students who are not participating can watch, or can play board games in Room 8.
  • Renaissance Projects –  Project Presentations begin this week (December 12th, 15th & 18th). Students need to be present on all presentation days – information from presentations will be on their unit final.
  • Student Requested Trip – Ice Skating:  Please fill out this short form, so we will know if we should book the trip or not! https://forms.gle/pWUbWnnBX4ixakMp9  Right now, we will not be going, unless we get more drivers and “yes” responses (currently at 11 yes, 1 no, and 3 drivers).  We will make the decision on Thursday, December 14th.
Week 5- Renaissance Assignments- not inclusive; teachers may add additional assignments. In class assignments not finished during class will become homework.
  • Writing 5-6 – Two-week assignment.  Write a short science fiction narrative that includes a reference to at least one of the given options; First Draft due 12/15/23 and Final due 12/19/23
  • Literature Book & Work: follow the pace chart for reading (The Vanishing Point).
  • CommonLitdue Friday
  • RJW & Reflection due Thursdays, quizzes on Friday
  • Unit Final – Final is based on in class lectures, group presentations, and reading.  Final on December 19th
  • Math (see Pace Chart)assorted due dates; assessments on Fridays
  • Science – Family Life (lectures, aassignments, participation) – assignments usually due on Science day