Today we introduced our new unit – Renaissance & Shakespeare.  This unit will take us up to Winter Break.  This unit is different from the last unit, where students will be working in groups of 3-4 on a Project Presentation, which will be presented to the class in December.  Students will be given time to work on the project in class, but this will not be enough time – they must work on the project outside of school hours. Students will also have more class assignments with this unit, so you should see them working on assignments at home.
Head’s Up:


  • A New Future ACA Student – we want to congratulate Mr. & Mrs. Stahler on the birth of their new baby boy, Oliver! 
  • Dozier Libbey High School Presentation:  tomorrow, November 7th, a team from DLHS will be running a HOSA program for our students in the morning.  Students should come dressed in clothes they can get messy in (think glue & glitter), and wear shoes they can run in (think heart monitor activities).  Families are invited to come and observe from 9:30-11:30am.  See attached document for the different activities the students will be doing!
  • Make up Picture Day is tomorrow  
  • Report Cards will be emailed home next week.
  • Last week of 1st Trimester electives!  2nd Trimester electives start on November 27th
Week 1 – Renaissance Assignments- not inclusive; teachers may add additional assignments. In class assignments not finished during class will become homework.
  • Vocabulary Work – Write the word and define it. Write one good sentence using the word. Complete word work on the word; due Thursday, quizzes on words – Fridays
  • Current Events Find your article on Newsela or find an article online, but make sure it is an article. Make sure you include a link in your summary to the article;  due Thursday
  • Literature Book & Work: follow the pace chart for reading (The Vanishing Point).  RJW & Reflection due Thursdays, quizzes on Friday
  • Renaissance Project – Students picked group members and topics.  Students should start assigning parts & researching. See attached document for topics/groups, requirements & rubric
  • Math (see Pace Chart)assorted due dates; assessments on Fridays
  • Science – Physics Study Guide – students need to study using their study guide; Unit Final this week