Head’s Up:


  • Yosemite:  Deposit & form are due tomorrow, Oct. 10
  • Absences:  This year started out well with the students attending school everyday, but then it took a BIG DIVE.  Missing days of school can have a profoundly detrimental effect on students, impacting their academic progress and overall well-being. Regular attendance is crucial for students to fully engage with classroom instruction, participate in discussions, and build a strong foundation of knowledge. When students miss school, they not only fall behind in their studies but also miss out on important social interactions and opportunities for skill development. Additionally, the cumulative effect of absences can lead to gaps in understanding, making it increasingly challenging to catch up and succeed academically. So PLEASE make sure your student is in school.  Reminder, if your student does have to miss school, make sure to let us or the office know before 8am & request an Independent Study.
  • Middle Ages Banquet: As part of the students’ final for this unit, they will put on a Medieval Joust and Banquet. This will take place on Friday, November 1st.  Students will be given roles to perform, which will require them to dress for the part.  We will also be sending home a SignUp Genius request for parents to provide food, drinks, and supplies for the banquet.  This should be coming home next week. 
Week 4 – Middle Ages- not inclusive; teachers may add additional assignments. Work that is not finished in class will become homework.
  • Commonlitdue Oct. 13
  • Middle Ages Project   (due Oct 27– Each Civilization (Japan, China, Rome, Islam, Meso-American/Andean, Europe, and Ghana/Mali) will be assigned a section of our Middle Ages Museum, which will be open to all ACA students, parents, and staff.
    Each Civilization Group (small/medium) will need to create at a minimum (10 museum pieces).
    (2) projects for each: Geography, Political, Economic, Religious, and Social Structures
    This is approximately (2) projects per person.
    Archive projects must be brought to class for feedback before setting them up in the Museum on ARCHIVE DAY.
  • Current Events #4 (in class) Create a Coat-of Arms. Include Heraldic Colors, Animals, Symbols, and other common design features. Observe the traditional design elements. What do you think they symbolized for the people who chose to wear them?
  • Workshop: lecture on different writing styles, then practical assignments
  • RJW (Crispin) – read required chapters then answer prompt question in your RJW journal; chapters read by Thurs, RJW & Reflections due Fridays; Literature quizzes on Fridays
  • Math (see Pace Chart)assorted due dates; assessments on Fridays
  • Science – Physics (lectures, project, participation, journal) – assignments usually due on Science day
  • Duolingo – 75XP due each week