Head’s Up:


  • Yosemite:  Deposit & form are due by October 10th.  If you can get the payment & form in earlier, that would be helpful!  Money will not be deposited until after October 10th. See attached docs for letter & form (paper copies available at school)
  • Picture Day is tomorrow (see attached doc for details)
  • No school next week.  School starts back up on Monday, Oct 9th.
Week 3 – Middle Ages- not inclusive; teachers may add additional assignments. Work that is not finished in class will become homework.
  • Middle Ages Project (see attached doc to see what group your student is in) –  continue to research and do assigned tasks for your project.  Come prepare each Friday to share your research/work with your small, medium & large groups. Final projects are due Oct. 30 with performance tasks taking place all week (Museum & Banquet)
  • Commonlitdue Sept. 29
  • Current Events (due Oct 27– Each Civilization (Japan, China, Rome, Islam, Meso-American/Andean, Europe, and Ghana/Mali) will be assigned a section of our Middle Ages Museum, which will be open to all ACA students, parents, and staff.
    Each Civilization Group (small/medium) will need to create at a minimum (10 museum pieces).
    (2) projects for each: Geography, Political, Economic, Religious, and Social Structures
    This is approximately (2) projects per person.
    Archive projects must be brought to class for feedback before setting them up in the Museum on ARCHIVE DAY.
  • Workshop: Use what you learned in Workshop about charged words and tone to write a news article. Due Sept. 28
  • RJW (Crispin) – read required chapters then answer prompt question in your RJW journal; chapters read by Thurs, RJW & Reflections due Fridays; Literature quizzes on Fridays
  • Math (see Pace Chart)assorted due dates; assessments on Fridays
  • Science – Rockets/Physics (project, participation, journal) – assignments usually due on Science day
  • Duolingo – 75XP due each week