Head’s Up:


  • This Friday, September 22, we are going to IFly (Union City) for a physics themed study trip . Thank you to Farrington, Maderos, Gochenouer, Cachola, Bowman, Saecho, Kaifi, Topete, & Lockett for driving – we have enough drivers!!   The trip will be from 8:30~5pm. Students need to wear tennis shoes & if they have long hair they need to bring a hair tie, and drivers & students need to bring a sack lunch.  
  • Yosemite Packets went home last week.  Deposit and form are due by October 10th.  If you can get the payment & form in earlier, that would be helpful!  Money will not be deposited until after October 10th.
Week 2 – Middle Ages- not inclusive; teachers may add additional assignments. Work that is not finished in class will become homework.
  • Middle Ages Project –  Capture notes (paraphrased) from the textbook chapters.  Gather information regarding the Political, Social, Economic, Religion, and Geography of your civilization; final projects are due Oct. 30
  • Commonlit – due Sept. 22
  • Current Events –  Room #1’s environment will transport us into the Middle Ages.  due Sept. 28
??? Manor: (Lord Raphael) – transform the front classroom wall into a castle (use butcher paper, cardboard, etc.) to create a castle backdrop
Emberhollow Manor (Lord Alyssa) – Create a “Feudal Farthings scoreboard” to track each manor’s progress
Wysteria Manor (Lord Abril): work with Mr. Fuller to create a parent (note) communication to ask for parent assistance throughout the simulation, especially in the banquet phase.
Bearleaf Manor (Lord Lyric):  transform the back corner of the classroom (by the student center) into a donjon/jail (use butcher paper, cardboard, etc.) to create a castle
Foxglove Manor (Lord Keven): Take down wall student work from walls (North, South, East, West posters, Critical thinking posters)
Silverwolf Manor (Lord Brooklyn):  Create a dark mural to represent the “Black Plague.” This will be used as an area for students to select a Black Plague Card
  • RJW (Crispin) – read required chapters then answer prompt question in your RJW journal; chapters read by Thurs, RJW due Fridays; Literature quizzes on Fridays
  • Math (Pace Chart) – assorted due dates; assessments on Fridays
  • Science – Rockets/Physics (project, participation, journal) – assignments usually due on Science day
  • Duolingo – 75XP due each week