Head’s Up:


  • On Friday, September 22, we are going to IFly (Union City) for a physics themed study trip . Thank you to Gochenouer, Cachola, Bowman, Saecho, Kaifi, & Lockett for driving!  We could use 1 more driver, so the cars aren’t so full.  If you can drive, let me know by this Friday.  The trip will be from 8:45~5pm. 
  • This Thursday & Friday are minimum days. Pick up your student at 12pm.  No Crew on minimum days.
Week 1 – Middle Ages- not inclusive; teachers may add additional assignments. Work that is not finished in class will become homework.
Yesterday, students were introduced to the Middle Ages.  We started the morning with a compare/contrast of castle architecture from around the globe, then the students divided up in groups and worked on the task of building their own castle.  The castles were then attacked by boulders (baseballs), to see if they were able to build a structure which protected their flag.  We discovered our students are good at building castles, but need some work throwing the boulders (baseballs)!  Students were then introduced to the big project for this unit, doing a Chalk Talk, then divided up into groups of 3 and chose an area of the world for their projects.  Ask your student which area they are going to focus on!
  • Middle Ages Project – start research; final projects are due Oct. 30
  • Commonlit – due Sept. 15
  • Current Events – Newsela; due Sept. 15
  • Question of the Day – due the following day
  • RJW (Crispin) – read required chapters then answer prompt question in your RJW journal; chapters read by Thurs, RJW due Fridays
  • Math (Pace Chart) – assorted due dates; assessments on Fridays
  • Science – Rockets/Physics (project, participation, journal) – assignments usually due on Science day
  • Duolingo – 75XP due each week


  • Yosemite!  Informational packets are coming home with your students on Thursday.  Make sure to ask for it!