Primary Weekly Newsletter!
September 11-15, 2023

Parent Messages


Homework – We were able to use some grant money to purchase a subscription to Mathseeds, which is the math companion to Reading Eggs.  Students will now have homework in both Reading Eggs and Mathseeds.  When they log in to Reading Eggs there will now be a button to access Mathseeds.


Ice Cream – Middle School is having a fundraiser (to raise funds for their graduation) and if you want your child to participate they will have the opportunity to purchase an ice cream at noon on Friday.  Please send $1 or $2 on Friday if you want your child to purchase ice cream.

Upcoming Events

Sept 13 – Scholastic orders due

Sept 15 – Ice Cream Fundraiser

Sept 21-22 – All Primary 8:15-12:00

Oct 2-6 – No School, October break


Kindergarteners – Reading Eggs 5&6

Mathseeds 1

TK – Reading Eggs lesson 3

Mathseeds lesson 1


Week in Review

Last week we introduced Bb and #4.  We practiced reading and spelling: at, am, bat, sat, mat, Sam.  We introduced the Montessori Language Arts activities: Mental Insets, Picture to Picture Matching, and Size Sorting.  In Math we introduced number pegs and in Practical Life we introduced the dressing frames. On Friday, students made a bear painting with a fork, a bear craft out of the letter B, learned to draw a butterfly and outside they played Bunny, Bunny, Hop (version of Duck, Duck, Goose).

Fantastic Friday Volunteers Needed – If you would like to volunteer, please sign up on Class Tag.  You will find it under “Activities”.
Counselor Corner

What are 4 benefits of eating breakfast as a student?

Benefits of eating breakfast: Provides many beneficial nutrients and boosts your fiber and calcium intake (compared to not eating breakfast). Reduces the likelihood of over-consuming high kilojoule foods later in the day. Stabilizes your blood sugar levels. Improves memory and concentration.

The importance of breakfast for kids – Children’s Health

Donations Needed