Announcements (Important – please read):


  1. 1. Presentations this week!  Tuesday, April 4 will be to teachers & peers.  Friday, April 7 will be to the Shark Tank (6 community members).  Both presentations will count towards their final project grades.  Last day to turn in assignments for this unit is Friday.
  2. Walk a Thon on Wednesday.  This will take place during school hours, and all students will participate.  Money raised goes to the Family Network, which comes back to our students (Shakespeare, 8th Grade Graduation, etc).  Go to the NETWORKings email to find out how to donate, or contact the office.
  1. Our next “Farm Visit” will take place in our Garden.  Visits to the farm in Pittsburg will resume after spring break.


This Week’s Assignments/Homework: not inclusive – assignments may be added.  Class assignments not finished during class become homework.

  • Writing:  Introduction to Poetry, write a poem; due Thursday
  • Workshop: read assigned pages & complete assignments; due on Workshop day
  • Math: CPM, Khan, POD, pacing guide with due dates, assessments on Fridays
  • Science “Body Systems”: participation & assignments; final this week in Science class
  • Social Entrepreneur Project:  working through requirements (see attached document); presentations start tomorrow.