Announcements (Important – please read):


  1. 1. EEtrips to Family Harvest Farm: If your student is going, please consider driving. Drivers need to be here by 9:40am, and we will return to campus by 12  Drivers need to have a copy of their 100,000/300,000 liability car insurance on file in the office, and a copy of their driver’s license on file in the office to drive.  If you can drive, please let us know how many students you can take (minimum of 3). Students not attending the farm will do EE assignments at school.

Group A – to farm on March 9 – Still Need Drivers


  1.   Internships/Job Shadows will take place March 15, 16, & 17th.  Students will not come to school, but go to their “jobs”.  Students will have a packet that will need to be filled out by their “employers” and themselves to receive a grade for this project. 8th grade students should seek out a different place of business, doing a different job then they did last year. See attached documents for details & letter to potential businesses. Due date March 13

Week 1:  Social Entrepreneur & Shark Tank


This unit is a continuation of Human Centered Design (HCD).  Students will now take their design from the HCD unit, continue to refine it – or create a new design – and then go through the process of creating a business.  At the end of the unit, students will present their business to the class, and then to a Shark Tank (community members).  See attached document for requirements.


This Week’s Assignments/Homework: not inclusive – assignments may be added.  Class assignments not finished during class become homework.

  • Vocabulary: definitions & word work; due Thursday, quiz Friday
  • Literature Book: Lunch Money by Andrew Clements; pacing guide
  • Current Events: Market Research; due Thursday
  • Business Journal: daily assignments; check ins on Friday
  • Workshop: read assigned pages & complete assignments; due on Workshop day
  • Math: CPM, Khan, POD, pacing guide with due dates, assessments on Fridays
  • Science “Body Systems”: participation & assignments; due on Science day
  • Social Entrepreneur Project:  working through requirements (see attached document); completed project due & ready to present April 4