Announcements (Important – please read):
   1. EE trips to Family Harvest Farm: If your student is going, please consider driving. Drivers need to be here by 9:40am, and we will return to campus by 12pm.  Drivers need to have a copy of their 100,000/300,000 liability car insurance on file in the office, and a copy of their driver’s license on file in the office to drive.  If you can drive, please let us know how many students you can take (minimum of 3). Students not attending the farm will do EE assignments at school.
Group C – to farm on January 26 – Still Need Drivers
  2. San Jose Tech Museum on Tuesday, January 31st.  Students & drivers need to be here at 7am.  We are leaving campus at 7:15am, so don’t be late or you will be left behind!  Students need to bring a sack lunch, unless you requested a school lunch.  We will be back to the campus between 4:45-5:15pm depending on traffic. Students not attending trip will spend the day doing Independent Study in the Intermediate class.

Week 3:  Human Centered Design
Students are creating a Multimedia project which is based on a “problem” and their “solution” for the problem.  The project will be presented at the end of 6 weeks. Students will be required to create a prototype or model of their solution.
This Week’s Assignments/Homework: not inclusive – assignments may be added.  Class assignments not finished during class become homework.
  • Vocabulary: 8 words from your literature book; assignment due Wednesday, quiz & reflection on Friday
  • Literature Book: read assigned pages (pacing guide); due Thursday; reflection due Friday
  • Literature Book Quiz: design your own – due Thursday; take quiz someone else’s quiz Friday
  • Workshop: read assigned pages in class, or at home.  W#2: Describe one topic/content of the non-fiction work or describe one chapter of the non-fiction work. Create an illustration related to the topic/content. Add many details to your illustration. Use color if it enhances the information in your illustration. Write a paragraph describing the illustration. Due Tuesday
  • HCD Journal:  daily journal entries/assignments required
  • Writing Assignment: Use your research from last week AND what you learned in class about other METHODS to research (“Plan Your Research Methods”) to do the following with your team: Pick one challenge to work on as a team, and then answer the following questions on that challenge as a team. Have each team member choose ONE METHOD and do the work to get more information for the team.; due on January 27
  • Math: CPM, Khan, POD, pacing guide with due dates, assessments on Fridays
  • Science: participation, journal, assignments; due on Science day
  • Human Centered Design (HCD) Project:  working through requirements (in class and at home)