Calendar Reminders:

Thursday, January 26 – Winter Concert 7:00pm
Friday, February 3 – Minimum Day dismissal NOON
Friday, February 10 – Minimum Day dismissal NOON
Monday-Monday, February 20-27 – NO SCHOOL, February Break


Outdoor Ed March 20-23, 2023
If your student has not turned in their permission slip please turn it in ASAP!!! Second down payment of $70 for each person was due last week on Wednesday, January 18th. Payment plan is attached to this email.

Daily Attendance is expected: If your student will be absent, or tardy, please call the office at 925-755-1252, or email Middle School and office, before 8:00am.

The Great Kindness Challenge January 24 – 28
Our school is proudly participating in The Great Kindness Challenge, a week-long program dedicated to creating a culture of kindness and compassion in communities worldwide. To help our students practice kindness and put their compassion into action, they will receive a Great Kindness Challenge checklist.

We will encourage all students to complete as many acts of kindness as possible at school and hope they feel inspired to continue them at home! Together, we will lift each other up, cheer each other on and show the world that KINDNESS MATTERS!

We are going to dress up each day with different themes to remind us of kindness.
Monday: “Team Kindness” Sports Day: Dress as your favorite sports team
Tuesday: “Share the Kindness” Twin Day: Coordinate with a friend to dress like twins (or triplets)
Wednesday: “Crazy for Kindness” Crazy Hair and/or Crazy Socks Day
Thursday: “I Dream of Kindness” Pajama Day
Friday: “Cheetahs are Kind” School spirit day: dress in your Fantastic Friday shirt and school colors of black and yellow

Counselor’s Corner

Hello ACA2 Parents,

As your school counselor I have heard from parents an interest in learning new parenting skills and seeking community and support in the process. If you would be interested in participating in a parent support group please respond to the attached Google Form. The purpose of the group will be for parents to have a safe space to share both their parenting successes and struggles in a safe and supportive environment. Google Form Questionnaire

Any further questions:

Why a Parenting Support Group?

1. Parenting Support Groups Remind Parents That They Are Not Alone

Parenting support groups assure parents that they are not alone. They can talk to others who understand the challenges, emotions, and practicalities that they’re dealing with every day. In addition, they can blow off steam in a supportive, nonjudgmental environment.

2. Parenting Support Groups Are a Form of Self-Care 

Parenting isn’t easy even when your child is well and happy. As a result, parent burnout is common.

3. A Way to Access Resources and Build a Support Network

Another advantage of parenting support groups is the access they provide to information and resources.

4. Parenting Support Groups Help Parents Build Skills

A support group is a great place to get positive parenting tips. That’s because parents talk about the coping skills that work for them.

5. A Place to Find Hope and Humor

Spending time with other parents can be an enormous relief.


Reading (Monday-Thursday)
Page Tracker: Students should have read 724 pages by this Friday 1/27

Book Talk/Review schedule for trimester #2: 2/2, 3/2

MobyMax (Tuesday-Thursday)
Do 10 minutes of Language practice daily for a total of 40 minutes this week. To get to language practice, students need to select the language course from the books tab. Practice should automatically be assigned.

*MobyMax time will not be accepted any later than Sunday.

Language Arts (Monday)
AOW #6 Library Music

Read AYPH Ch. 7 p. 4-9 start at “A Terrible Choice” by this Thursday.

Language Arts (Tuesday)
Understanding your assessment

Social Studies (Wednesday)
Complete Anti-Suffragist Project

Social Studies (Thursday)
Fill out AYPH Ch. 7 notes

Catch up on anything not finished this week.  Have a great weekend!


In science reading we will practice restating a question as a statement to help make better claims.  We will complete an in-class lab to investigate how to identify clear liquids  based on their properties.  Students will write a Claim, Evidence, Reasoning statement.


Did you know there are 4 different math classes in Middle School?  Most in-class and all homework assignments will be posted in each math class Google Classroom.  Paper assignments may be turned into the classroom and do not need to be attached to Google Classroom.  In general, all students will have:

*a daily in class assignment, to be done in class, Monday to Thursday

*a daily homework assignment, due the next day, assigned Monday to Thursday

*20 minutes of Fact Fluency practice per week.  Mrs. McCutcheon recommends doing it for 5 minutes per day.

*weekly or every other week quizzes


Middle School students have begun to work on the Civic Change SPA project.  The directions are attached, please support them in this endeavor.  If you have any questions let us know.  

Practicee your instrument