Announcements (Important – please read):
   1. EE trips to Family Harvest Farm: If your student is going, please consider driving. Drivers need to be here by 9:40am, and we will return to campus by 12pm.  Drivers need to have a copy of their 100,000/300,000 liability car insurance on file in the office, and a copy of their driver’s license on file in the office to drive.  If you can drive, please let us know how many students you can take (minimum of 3). Students not attending the farm will do EE assignments at school.
Group B – to farm on Thursday, January 12 
Ayden/Hannah –  drive

Joseph –  drive

Week 1: New Unit: Human Centered DesignThis unit is different!!
    1.  Students will create a Multimedia project which is based on a “problem” and then come up with a “solution” for the problem.  The project will be presented at the end of 6 weeks. This project will require a mentor for each group.  If you are interested in becoming a mentor for a group, please let us know! Students will also be required to create a prototype or model of their solution.
     2.  In Humanities, students will “design” some of their homework for this unit.  Ask them to show you their Vocabulary Assignment to see an example.
      3.  Literature books will be based on people who see a problem, and work to come up with a solution (i.e.  The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind).  Students will choose 1 of 4 books being offered.  Ask your student tomorrow, which book they chose!
      4.  During their Workshop, students will listen to an audiobook as they read along through the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.  RJW assignments will be based on what they are reading.
This Week’s Assignments/Homework: not inclusive – assignments may be added.  Class assignments not finished during class become homework.
  • Vocabulary: 8 words from your literature book; assignment due Wednesday, quiz & reflection on Friday
  • RJW:  read assigned pages in Habits of Highly Effective Teens, then answer question (write at least 3 paragraphs):due Friday
  • Literature Book: chose literature book & read assigned pages (pacing guide)
  • HCD Journal:  create a HCD journal; daily journal entries  
  • Writing Assignment: research challenges human face & write an essay; due on Friday
  • Current Events: find an article relating to our theme & design a way to summarize & teach it; due Thursday
  • Math: CPM, Khan, POD, pacing guide with due dates, assessments on Fridays
  • Science: participation, journal, assignments; due on Science day
  • Human Centered Design (HCD) Project: groups will be formed; researching ideas for helping humanity, finding a mentor, and journaling