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October 31st – minimum day

November 1st – no school


Newsletter for Antioch Charter Academy/TLCS Families and Staff Volume 27, Issue 11, October 31,2022


Dear Parents, Guardians, and Adult Devotees of Students at the Antioch Charter Academies,


I would like to officially introduce myself and what my goals are around the Physical Education class.

I am Coach Milan (pronounced: mih-lawn) and I identify with she/her pronouns, I am your child(ren)’s Physical Education Teacher.


This year, I have been and will continue to promote physical activities and healthiness to ensure students physical, mental, and emotional wellness. I use many innovative and fun ways to build and nurture your child(ren)’s needs in my class. As Physical Activity is not just considered a sport, it includes so many other aspects like dance, exercise, playing, recreational activities, and active living. I want to provide all these aspects in our school year together and encourage students to provide their input on what they want to learn. My goal is to offer all these facets of physical activity while having all students experience different cultures, countries, and healthy practices (eating, sleeping, stress management, etc.).


In the physical education class, your support is tremendously appreciated and significantly needed. Please help us in our efforts to create a safe environment for your child(ren).


Listed below are some of the requirements for a safe physical education class:

  • Only tennis shoes (Velcro, shoelaces, and zippers, are okay) can be worn during class. Please, no crocks, sandals, flip flops, boots, or platforms.
  • Athletic wear clothing (please, no pajamas, jeans, or cropped tops), as it is important to be

comfortable due to various activities.

  • Refillable water bottles and a healthy snack (nutritional, please).
  • If your child cannot participate in physical education class for any health concerns or any other reasons, please provide a note with a signature and a direct way to contact you. Doctor’s notes have been great, as well, once your child gets better, please provide a doctor’s clearance note when they are fully able to resume physical activities.


I encourage students to follow their Lifelong Guidelines and Life Skills and put them into practice in my class as well as a Positive Mindset. Together, we can encourage them to strengthen their emotional health, nutrition, and physical fitness for a lifetime. Thank you so much for your support and cooperation.




Coach Milan

Physical Education Teacher, ACA & ACA II





October 31st Information (school is still required, but participating in holiday activity is optional). This is a minimum day.


October 31st – Costume Parade & Trick or Treating. At 11:30am, there will be a costume parade & School Families”Trick or Treating” around the campus. Parents are welcome to come watch. Students who do not want to participate will have a supervised room set-aside for them where they can play board games during the activities, or they can be signed out by a parent/guardian at 11:30am.


This is a normal school day for all students, except students will be able to wear their costumes to school if they choose. No masks, weapons, or gore are allowed. Students must still be able to participate in learning, so no costumes which would hinder school work (school dress codes still apply).

First Fridays: First Fridays take place every 1st Friday of the month during the school year, at Skipolini’s in Antioch at 4pm. Come join us this Friday, and have dinner with your family while making new friends from our ACA community!  **Bring the flyer to Skips and ACA will receive 10% of your purchase total!**

Spirit Week Nov 14-18

  • Nov 14: Celebrity/Author Day
  • Nov 15: Freaky Friday
  • Nov 16: Wear ALL blue
  • Nov 17: Beach Day
  • Nov 18: PJ Day




The ACA Family Network is made up of ACA adults who volunteer for fundraisers and social events for the enrichment of our children. The money we raise goes back to our school for study trips, family activities, assemblies, and classroom supplies. If you have a child/grandchild/niece/nephew/etc. at ACA, then come join us & help make a difference!

Family Network Fair on November 5th. This Saturday from 12~5pm, we are having a Fall Fair.  Bring your family, and enjoy games, food, and do a little shopping too!


Christmas Wreaths: It’s time for our annual Holiday Wreath Fundraiser with Sherwood Forest Farms! Students received a paper copy of the product catalog last week.


Both local delivery and direct delivery items are available for purchase. Local delivery items will be delivered to our school in a large shipment and distributed to students/families. Direct delivery items will be shipped directly to an address provided by the purchaser. This is a great option for family and friends who live farther away and still want to order.


Feel free to check out the website and make orders at

This link can be shared with family, friends, neighbors, etc. and they can order directly from there. If your family and friends order via local delivery, make sure they type in your name (or your student’s name) in the “credit order to” box at checkout. This will help us organize the orders when we receive them at the school.


Orders may be placed from October 19 – November 4, 2022.


Local delivery items will be delivered to the school between November 28 – December 7, 2022. We will provide pick up details once we know the exact delivery date. Volunteers will be needed to help with distribution!


Please email any questions to

Family Network Meetings are usually the second Tuesday of each month. The board welcomes and encourages all ACA families to attend the meetings.  Check with the calendar below to find out the next meeting.


Pasta Fundraiser: Order Fun Pasta all year long and ACA will get 35-40% of the proceeds! Order online and make sure to select Antioch Charter Academy I as who you are supporting!

Annual Give: Would you like to support whole school activities, all the classrooms, and have less fundraisers??!!!  Then make a tax deductible donation…donate here via PayPal →


AmazonSmiles: Shop at Amazon? Shop at Amazon’s fundraising site, and they will donate back to ACA. We are registered as The Learner Centered School, Inc.


Family Network Volunteer Opportunities 

 Popcorn Fridays Volunteers Needed

We need volunteers to help out with popcorn sales each Friday 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Help set up, make popcorn, sell candy/popcorn and clean-up





    • Oct 31        Minimum Day – dismissal at 12pm
    • Oct 31        School Families Trick or Treat & Costume Parade
    • Nov 1         No School – teacher workday
    • Nov 3         MS to Farm (EE) – group B
    • Nov 4         First Fridays at Skipolini’s @ 4pm
  • Nov 5        FN Fall Fair from 12-5pm
  • Nov 8         FN Meeting (all welcome) @ 3pm
  • Nov 10       Charter Council (all welcome) @ 4pm
  • Nov 11       No School – Veterans Day
  • Nov 14-18  Minimum Days – dismissal at 12pm
  • Nov 17       MS to Farm (EE) – group C
  • Nov 18       End of 1st Trimester
  • Nov 21-25  No School – Thanksgiving Break
  • Nov 28       2nd Trimester begins
  • Dec 1-2      MS Study Trip to Los Angeles
  • Dec 2         First Friday at Skipolini’s @ 4pm





Parking Lot Safety – Let’s Keep ALL Our Students, Staff & Families SAFE!

  • Everyone needs to use crosswalks!
  • Listen to the staff’s instructions – they are trying to keep everyone safe, and to keep drop off/pick up running smoothly.
  • Do not tell your students to cut through the parking lot to reach you – cars that are backing up may not see your student.  Students should be picked up using the carpool lane, or using the crosswalk, they can walk to their cars which are parked on the street/in front of the park.
  • When it is your turn to enter the carpool lane, pull all the way forward, so up to 6 vehicles can load/unload their charges at a time.
  • Do not move forward in the carpool lane until all children have entered/exited their vehicles in front of you – a fender bender could severely injure a child who is partially in a vehicle.
  • When leaving the parking lot, please drive the speed limit so our students walking to school are safe.
  • Thank you for keeping everyone safe – remember picking up/dropping off is only a few minutes out of your day, but an injury could last a lifetime!!

Yearbook Fundraiser: Every Wednesday morning the yearbook staff will be selling donuts in front of the gate from 7:50-8:10. We are doing this to fundraise to purchase yearbooks for the 8th graders, the school and the yearbook staff. Extra money will go to lowering the price of the yearbook for everyone! Donuts are priced from $1-3.

Charter Council: The Charter Council is our governing board.  The board meets usually on the second Thursday of the month @ 4PM.  Please check the calendar for the next meeting date/time, or call the office at 925-755-7311 to confirm.  These meetings are open to the public – all are welcomed!

School Lunch Order Form –

You MUST order meals in advance in order to receive them or else we may not have a meal available for your student. Breakfast and Supper will be the same for all students, while lunch has a menu that you can choose one entree from.

Absences, Tardies, Leaving Early – Daily Attendance is expected: If your student will be absent, or tardy, please call the office at 925-755-7311, or email your student’s classroom, before 8:00am. Please make sure to check into the office if your student arrives late. If your student needs to depart early, the person picking up the child must call the office at (925) 755-7311 so the office can retrieve the student prior to walking into the office to sign out their student.

Remind: This is another way for the school to quickly inform you on what is happening on campus. Never miss another minimum day schedule, or a whole school event.  You can receive messages through email or through texting – you decide!  If you have not signed up yet, please contact your student’s classroom for the code – each grouping has their own code!




School Phone – 925-755-7311

School Address – 3325 Hacienda Way, Antioch 94509


School Lunch Order Form –


ACA Family




ACA Middle

ACA I & II Special


ACA Memories

Twitter & Instagram Accounts – #AntiochCharter; @AntiochCharter


Parent Network Board & Contact Info


Co-Chairs: Corey Cruz

Secretary: Brooke Farrington

Treasurer: Sarah Glenn

School Volunteer Coordinator: Salena Killion

Social Chair: Yessika Berrios

Fundraising Chair: open…can you help???

If you’re interested in an open position please email

We need help to make this year amazing for OUR KIDS, the school families, teachers and staff


Members at Large: Everyone!

Private Facebook Group:


Need Assistance – it is OK to ask!

Antioch Charter Academy: call the school office (925-755-7311) if you need help finding school supplies, figuring out how to get school lunches, and/or need to talk with someone regarding any struggles your student(s) may be facing.

Contra Costa Crisis Center (call 211):

Contra Costa Health Services: Mental Health Wellness & Education on how to address “Disappointment,” reduce “Stress” and maintain a “Positive Attitude”

Mental Health Wellness & Education :: Behavioral Health

888-678-7277 [available 24/7]

Contra Costa Crisis Center: Services and Resources for Teens

Coping With Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks – What You Should Know

Services and Resources for Teens :: Behavioral Health

800-833-2900 (24/7)

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network:

Fact Sheet on COVID-19 along with Age Appropriate Coping Strategies

Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope With the Coronavirus Disease 2019

Parent Anonymous:

Statewide Online Tutoring Program: Students in California, with or without a library card, will be able to access HelpNow through links on their local library’s website or through the State Library’s.  Go to Digital Resources | Contra Costa County Library (  Click “Brainfuse HelpNow”.



Our Vision To provide a learning environment where students of all socio-economic levels and ethnic backgrounds embrace education, exhibit compassion, and accept personal responsibility


Our Mission: The mission of the Antioch Charter Academies is to facilitate academic and personal growth of TK-8th grade students of all socio-economic levels and ethnic backgrounds. ACA enables 21st century students to become literate, self-motivated, innovative, lifelong learners, and compassionate, collaborative active citizens. We nurture and support a partnership of students, teachers, families and the community; embrace individual strengths; and build upon research informed educational best practices including Montessori, multiple intelligences, brain-compatible teaching, and multi-age groupings with small class sizes.


Antioch Charter Academy is Fully Accredited for Grades K-8 by the Schools Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

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Academia autónoma de Antioquía

31 de octubre – día mínimo
1 de noviembre – no hay clases

Boletín para las familias y el personal de Antioch Charter Academy/TLCS Volumen 27, número 11, 31 de octubre de 2022

Estimados padres, tutores y adultos devotos de los estudiantes de Antioch Charter Academies,

Me gustaría presentarme oficialmente y cuáles son mis objetivos en torno a la clase de Educación Física.
Soy Coach Milan (pronunciado: mih-lawn) y me identifico con los pronombres she/her, soy la profesora de educación física de su(s) hijo(s).

Este año, he estado y continuaré promoviendo actividades físicas y salud para asegurar el bienestar físico, mental y emocional de los estudiantes. Utilizo muchas formas innovadoras y divertidas para desarrollar y nutrir las necesidades de su(s) hijo(s) en mi clase. Como la actividad física no se considera solo un deporte, incluye muchos otros aspectos como el baile, el ejercicio, el juego, las actividades recreativas y la vida activa. Quiero brindar todos estos aspectos en nuestro año escolar juntos y alentar a los estudiantes a brindar su opinión sobre lo que quieren aprender. Mi objetivo es ofrecer todas estas facetas de la actividad física mientras todos los estudiantes experimentan diferentes culturas, países y prácticas saludables (comer, dormir, manejar el estrés, etc.).

En la clase de educación física, su apoyo es muy apreciado y muy necesario. Por favor ayúdenos en nuestros esfuerzos para crear un ambiente seguro para su(s) hijo(s).

A continuación se enumeran algunos de los requisitos para una clase de educación física segura:
• Solo se pueden usar zapatos tenis (velcro, cordones y cremalleras, están bien) durante la clase. Por favor, no vasijas de barro, sandalias, chancletas, botas o plataformas.
• Ropa deportiva (por favor, no pijamas, jeans o blusas cortas), ya que es importante estar
cómodo debido a diversas actividades.
• Botellas de agua rellenables y un snack saludable (nutricional, por favor).
• Si su hijo no puede participar en la clase de educación física por problemas de salud o por cualquier otro motivo, proporcione una nota con una firma y una forma directa de contactarlo. Las notas del médico también han sido excelentes, una vez que su hijo mejore, proporcione una nota de autorización del médico cuando pueda reanudar completamente las actividades físicas.

Animo a los estudiantes a seguir sus Pautas para toda la vida y Habilidades para la vida y ponerlas en práctica en
mi clase, así como una mentalidad positiva. Juntos, podemos alentarlos a fortalecer su salud emocional, nutrición y estado físico para toda la vida. Muchas gracias por su apoyo y cooperación.


Entrenador Milán
Profesor de Educación Física, ACA & ACA II


31 de octubre Información (todavía se requiere la escuela, pero participar en actividades festivas es opcional). Este es un día mínimo.

31 de octubre – Desfile de disfraces y truco o trato. A las 11:30 am, habrá un desfile de disfraces y “Trick or Treat” para las familias escolares alrededor del campus. Los padres son bienvenidos a venir a ver. Los estudiantes que no quieran participar tendrán una sala supervisada reservada para ellos donde podrán jugar juegos de mesa durante las actividades, o un padre/tutor puede firmar su salida a las 11:30 am.

Este es un día escolar normal para todos los estudiantes, excepto que los estudiantes podrán usar sus disfraces en la escuela si así lo desean. No se permiten máscaras, armas o gore. Los estudiantes aún deben poder participar en el aprendizaje, por lo que no deben usar disfraces que obstaculicen el trabajo escolar (aún se aplican los códigos de vestimenta escolar).

Primeros viernes: los primeros viernes se llevan a cabo cada primer viernes del mes durante el año escolar, en Skipolini’s en Antioch a las 4 p.m. ¡Únase a nosotros este viernes y cene con su familia mientras hace nuevos amigos de nuestra comunidad ACA! **¡Lleva el volante a Skips y ACA recibirá el 10 % del total de tu compra!**


La red familiar de ACA está formada por adultos de ACA que se ofrecen como voluntarios para recaudar fondos y eventos sociales para el enriquecimiento de nuestros niños. El dinero que recaudamos vuelve a nuestra escuela para viajes de estudio, actividades familiares, asambleas y útiles escolares. Si tiene un hijo/nieto/sobrina/sobrino/etc. en ACA, ¡entonces únase a nosotros y ayude a marcar la diferencia!

Feria de la Red Familiar el 5 de noviembre. Este sábado de 12 a 5 p. m. tendremos una feria de otoño. ¡Traiga a su familia y disfrute de los juegos, la comida y haga algunas compras también!

Las reuniones de Family Network son generalmente el segundo martes de cada mes. La junta da la bienvenida y alienta a todas las familias de ACA a asistir a las reuniones. Consulte el calendario a continuación para averiguar la próxima reunión.

Recaudación de fondos de pasta: ¡Ordene Fun Pasta durante todo el año y ACA obtendrá 35-40% de los ingresos! ¡Haga su pedido en línea y asegúrese de seleccionar Antioch Charter Academy I como a quien está apoyando!