>>>>>Head’s Up<<<<<
  • The last week of a unit is considered Finals Week.  Students will have their unit finals in Science & Humanities on Friday. They will present their Current Events archive project on Friday.  
  • Missing work: Friday is the last day missing work will be accepted for this unit.
  • October 3-7th no school – October Break  
  • Next Unit after break: Human & Civil Rights
This Week’s Assignments (Teachers may assign additional assignments – students DO HAVE homework every night)
  • Math – daily work (CPM, Khan, POD) & due dates; no assessment this week
  • Science – in class lab/assignments (becomes homework if they don’t finish in class); Friday is the unit final
  • RJWs – due Fridays
  • Archive Projects (Current Events #2); final projects presented Friday
  • Workshop: Poetry Slam piece due on their Workshop day (Tues or Thurs)
  • Writing: Write a reflection on how you did on your project; due Friday
  • American History Project –  Presentations are on 9/27, & 9/29.  Unit Final Friday