– Permission slips MUST be returned by this Thursday, September 29th.  This is to ensure we have enough time to run all chaperone names through a Megan’s Law check, collect driving record and car insurance information from drivers, etc.  Late permission slips will not be allowed.
– All Primary students will attend school 8:15-12:00 on October 20 for our field trip to the Pumpkin Patch
– You can disregard the section on the permission slip that says all students need to bring a bag lunch or order lunch from AUSD, this was an error.  Since we will be returning to school before 12:00 and dismissing at 12:00, students will not be eating lunch on the field trip.  The only students needing a lunch that day are those who usually attend before/after school care at So Big.
– The only parents allowed to attend the field trip are those who have signed up on the permission slip to chaperone.  We will NOT allow parents to just show up on the morning of the field trip and ask to attend.  If you have the required 100,000/300,000 liability car insurance, please sign up to drive as many students as you can fit with seatbelts in the backseats of your vehicle.  If you do not have this required level of insurance, you can note this on the permission slip and just drive your child.  Please be aware that even if you are only able to drive your own child, you will still be assigned additional children to supervise once we arrive at the Pumpkin Patch.  This ensures those parents who can fit 4-6 kids in their car do not have to chaperone that many once at the field trip.  We will balance it so all parents are chaperoning around the same number of students.
– Parents attending the field trip need to show up to school with a full tank of gas.  Once you depart school for the field trip, no detours are allowed.  Please do not stop for any reason unless it is an emergency.  No stops should be made for coffee, food, etc.  You must drive directly to the field trip location following the map/route we give you and return the same way.  This is for safety reasons.
– Please make sure all chaperones and students use appropriate language during the trip and also only play age appropriate clean music in your car.
– You may not purchase any food or souvenirs for the students you are chaperoning while on the field trip.  All students will be asked to bring their own snack for the field trip.
– All Primary students must ride in a car seat or booster seat to and from the field trip.  If you are not attending the field trip, please be sure to send your child’s booster seat with them to school the day of the field trip.