Head’s Up
  • Study trip to Family Harvest Farm this Thursday, September 22.  This is our first trip to the farm (1300 Power Ave, Pittsburg, CA).  Students will be introduced/re-introduced to our EE Program.  We need drivers for this trip or we won’t be able to go – only have 2 parent drivers so far!  Drivers need to be here by 9:30am, and we will return to campus by 11:45pm.  Drivers need to have a copy of their 100,000/300,000 liability car insurance on file in the office, and a copy of their driver’s license on file in the office.  If you can drive, please let us know how many students you can take (minimum of 3).
  • Minimum Days on Wed, Thurs, & Friday.  
This Week’s Assignments (Teachers may assign additional assignments – students DO HAVE homework every night)
  • Math – daily work (CPM, Khan, POD) & due dates, with assessments on Friday
  • Science – in class lab/assignments (becomes homework if they don’t finish in class)
  • RJWs – due Fridays
  • Archive Projects (Current Events #2); assorted due dates, final projects due Sept. 26
  • Workshop: Poetry Slam piece due on their Workshop day (Tues or Thurs)
  • Literature Book – read assigned chapters; due Thursday
  • Literature Circle Work – due Thursday
  • American History Project – students should be finishing up all their slides, and practicing presenting so they are ready to present to the classPresentations are on 9/23, 9/27, & 9/29.  Unit Final on 9/30