Head’s Up
  • Rescheduled (because of heat)…The study trip to Family Harvest Farm for this Thursday has been rescheduled to Thursday, September 22.  This is our first trip to the farm (1300 Power Ave, Pittsburg, CA).  Students will be introduced/re-introduced to our EE Program.  Students will need to bring a sack lunch for this trip (or order one from school), for we will eat lunch out at the farm.  We need drivers for this trip or we won’t be able to go! Drivers need to be here by 9:30am, and we will return to campus by 12:45pm.  Drivers need to have a copy of their 100,000/300,000 liability car insurance on file in the office, and a copy of their driver’s license on file in the office.  If you can drive, please let us know how many students you can take (minimum of 3). Students need to have their permission slip signed to attend (DocHub).
  • Absences: when your student is absent, call the office or email us before 8am, and request an Independent Study.  Thank you!
This Week’s Assignments (Teachers may assign additional assignments)
  • Math – daily homework; assessments on Friday
  • Science – in class lab/assignments (becomes homework if they don’t finish)
  • RJW – due Fridays
  • Current Events – students are creating 2 museum quality archive projects for a museum; assorted due dates with final projects due Sept. 26
  • Writing: Write a narrative about something you are good at. Make the reader feel like they are there in the story with you; due Friday
  • Literature Book – read assigned chapters; due Thursday
  • Literature Circle Work – due Thursday
  • American History Project – students should be researching their topic and filling in information on their slides.  Practice presentation on Sept. 15