What’s Happening in Middle School
  • Daily & weekly assignments have begun this week
  • Students chose their topics & groups for their American History project
  • Students will begin their daily rotations (Humanities. Math, Independent Study/Project Focus) on Tuesday
  • Students will have their Introduction to Science & to Writer’s Workshop on Tuesday/Thursday
  • Student will take Baseline Assessments (STAR & Writing) this week
  • Wednesday Enrichment Classes begin on Wednesday
  • Students chose their electives today, which will begin next Monday.
1.  Make sure the portion of the July Packet which gives your permission for your student to take walks is signed and returned by tomorrow.  We are hoping to start our twice weekly morning walks which helps wake up our brains for learning.  Your student will have to sit in the office during our walks until the permission slip is returned.
2.  Back to School Night  (Zoom Meeting) is on Thursday!!
  •   Thursday, August 25
  •   7-8pm
  •   We need at least 1 parent for each student to attend

Heller Stahler’s Personal Meeting Room

Join Zoom Meeting https://us06web.zoom.us/j/6706337261?pwd=a21qY0o3bFFkVWt1aXc4Sy9LamtLZz09

Meeting ID: 670 633 7261

Passcode: ACA1MS

We are super excited about what we have planned for this school year, and are looking forward to sharing the details with you at the meeting!!  You will also learn what is expected of your student this school year.

3.  Make sure you accept the email invite from Google Classroom.  This will allow you to see what (if any) missing assignments your student has.