Dear Middle School Parents,
We have had a whirlwind week, as we woke up our brains from vacation mode to school mode.  Here are some of the activities your student participated in this week:
  • Two Truths & a Lie – learning each other’s names & fun facts
  • Diversity Rounds – learning about each other’s likes/dislikes & backgrounds
  • Three large group activities to introduce our 2022-23 overall theme, “Change”
  • Set-up our classroom meetings, including the reasons we have them
  • Locker assignments
  • Chromebook assignments
  • Went over Middle School protocols & our Culture
Make sure you ask your student about what they did.  One of the purposes of these weekly newsletters is to give you the specific tools for discussions with your student.  An example would be, “What was one of the large group activities you did to learn about Change?”  Hopefully this will help conversations to go deeper than… “How was school?”  “Good.”… LOL

Another tool for you to use is the weekly updates on your students’ academics. Next week, you will receive an email from our Google Classroom.  Please choose accept, for it will help you keep track of assignments your student may miss/not turn in.  
There are many other tools/ways for you to be able to help your student with their academics/school life.  You will hear about them at our Back to School Night.  This meeting will take place next week on Zoom:
Back to School Night  (Zoom Meeting)
  •   Thursday, August 27
  •   7-8pm
  •   We need at least 1 parent for each student to attend

Heller Stahler’s Personal Meeting Room

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 670 633 7261

Passcode: ACA1MS

We are super excited about what we have planned for this school year, and are looking forward to sharing the details with you at the meeting!!

Last thing, be looking for our classroom newsletter each week (usually goes out on Mondays).  And if you haven’t signed up for Remind, please do (see attachment).  We use this app to send out whole school updates/reminders/notices.
If you ever have any questions, please email us.  I (Peggy Wunderly), check this email address on a regular basis.  You can also directly email any of us using our first & last name
Your Middle School Team,
Edna Heller (Humanities)
Kevin Fuller (Humanities)
Allen Stahler (Math & Science)
Abe Rodriguez (Art/Push In Aide)
Peggy Wunderly (Classroom Aide)