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* Farm Visit to the Family Harvest Farm (Pittsburg) for experiential learningThe 3rd group will be going out Thursday, March 17 from 9:30am – 12pmMake sure your student is dressed appropriately for working on a farm!  The rest of the students will have a normal school day.  The next 3 farm visits are tentatively scheduled (see attached doc)
March 17th to Family Harvest Farm

Amari Evers
Blake Benner
Cole Billeci
Isaac Cruzthank you for driving!
Kyle Bendure
Lex Ferguson
Lily Cerecedes
Logan Pope
Luke Taylor
– thank you for driving!
Nkechi Ikhile
Riley Baluyut
Rosie White
Sofia Minor

*Internship/Job Shadow: Instead of coming to school, middle school students will go to their “jobs” on March 21-23rdStudents need to tell us where they will be working by this Friday, March 18th (form is in their Google Classroom).  Students were given a paper copy of the Internship packet which they, and their supervisor, need to fill out to receive a grade.  Filled out packets need to be turned in on Thursday, March 24th (grade for this project is based on the completed packet).  If your student has already misplaced their packet, we attached a copy  🙂
*On Campus Scholastic Book Fair April 29 – May 6! This is such a fun event, which requires lots of volunteer participation. Please check Track It Forward to sign up to help. Volunteering at the book fair is so much fun! Email with any questions.
Weekly Work (additional assignments may be added by teachers)
Vocabulary: assignment due on Wednesday, quiz on Friday
Current Events #3: Think about how the world will change in the next 90 years.

* What kinds of careers will be needed most?
* How will people prepare for the careers of the future?
* What should schools teach and why does teaching certain subjects or themes matter?
* How should parents prepare their children for this future?
* Write a paragraph explaining how you found out about the career needs of the future? Create a visual display answering all of the above questions. Due Friday

Writing:  Write a SPEECH about something that is important to you. (Passion Action Projects are a great place to start brainstorming ideas)
Use what you learned in class to guide you when writing your speech. (1. Ethos, Pathos, Logos – 2. Call to action)Make sure your speech is written to have an impact on the audience. Be prepared to give your speech in class.  Due Friday
Literature: read assigned pages, and do Reflection.  Reading done by Thursday, Reflection due on Friday, Quiz on Friday
RJW#3: due on Friday
Math:  Daily assignments, including classwork & homework.  Assorted due dates, & assessments are usually on Fridays.
Science: “Earth Systems”- assorted assignments & due dates
Writer’s Workshop:  Portfolio of writing assignments Due in April
Career Project: Students should be working through the 10 “Tasks”, including setting up an interview & a site visit of their chosen career. At this point, they should have completed at least 3 of the Tasks (ask them to show you their work). Presentations begin April 11th.
Passion Project yearlong project with assorted benchmarks/due dates.  Students are given an hour a week in class to work on this projectAsk your student how they are doing on the project!