Be in the Know  😎

* Farm Visit to the Family Harvest Farm (Pittsburg) for experiential learning: The 3rd group will go out in March (date TBD).  
*The last day for students to turn in missing assignments in Humanities and Science, or redo assignments for a higher grade, for this unit is this Friday. They still can turn in Math.
Weekly Work (additional assignments may be added by teachers)
Food Inc Humanities Unit Final: on Friday
Writing: Finish writing a cover letter or letter of intent and a resume. You can use any template you like. Just make sure you cover all the areas required in the rubric. Due Friday
Home Cooking Assignment (Parent Help)Learning how to prepare food for yourself and your family is part of the focus of this unit. Dishes can be healthy, homemade and delicious. Prepare 10 dishes, record on this sheet. Due Friday
Literature: read assigned pages, and do Reflection.  Reading done by Thursday, Reflection due on Friday 
RJW#9: due on Friday
Math:  Daily assignments, including classwork & homework.  Assorted due dates, & assessments are usually on Fridays.
Science (Nutrition): Unit Final Presentation due on Science Day this week
Writer’s Workshop:  Portfolio of writing assignments Due in April
Food, Inc Project:  Presentations this week –  4 on 2/25, 8 on 2/17
Passion Project:  yearlong project with assorted benchmarks/due dates.  Students are given an hour a week in class to work on this project.  Ask what their focus is on. Ask your student how they are doing on the project!