Be in the Know  😎
*Practice Presentation is on Thursday!  Projects should be done (not perfect, but basically done).
*Make up Picture day is this Thursday!
* Farm Visit to the Family Harvest Farm (Pittsburg) for experiential learning: The second group will go out Thursday, February 10th.  Drivers, please be here by 9:30am; we aim to be back by 12pm. We could use 1 more driver for this trip (must be able to take a minimum of 3 students).  If you can drive, please let us know ASAP (school procedures apply for drivers, including Covid protocol).  Make sure your student is dressed appropriately for working on a farm!  The rest of the students will have a normal school day.
Thursday, February 10th from 9:30~12pm
Alanna-Joi Sheard
Alicianna Cisneros
Hannah Gochenouer  Thank you for driving
Hayden Wong
Hillary Tam
JD Glen
Josie Rapolas  Thank you for driving
Kelsie Chandler
Kevin Santos
Kiara Walker
Leila Elliot
Malachi Smith
Rylie Wright
Scarlett Cortez
Zyion Hamlin
*Remind! Middle School Parents, if you have not signed up for Remind – please do so now!  This is another way for the school to quickly inform you on what is happening on campus. Never miss another minimum day schedule, or a whole school event.  You can receive messages through email or through texting – you decide!  If you have not signed up yet, here is the code for the Middle School class:
Weekly Work (additional assignments may be added by teachers)
Vocabulary #3: due Wednesday, quiz on Friday
Writing #2 & 3: Food, and table displays due Thursday
Home Cooking Assignment (Parent Help)Learning how to prepare food for yourself and your family is part of the focus of this unit. Dishes can be healthy, homemade and delicious. Prepare 10 dishes, record on this sheet. Turn in by the end of the unit – February 18
Current Events#2 (Parent Help): Group project – Interview your parents, grandparents about their rules in the kitchen. Then do some more research on the Internet on your topic. No need to record this info, but use it to help you create an informative poster. Use the examples in class to inspire you on your creation. Make your poster 12 X 18. Use magazines, paint, charcoal, pastels, or other mediums to make your poster a work of art. Use the rubric we created in class to guide you. Due Thursday
Literature: read assigned pages, and do Reflection.  Reading done by Thursday, quiz on Friday 
RJW#5: due on Friday
Math:  Daily assignments, including classwork & homework.  Assorted due dates, & assessments are usually on Fridays.
Science (Nutrition): In class activities & assignment – may have homework
Writer’s Workshop:  Portfolio of writing assignments Due in April
Food, Inc Project:  Students should be researching and putting together their project. Practice Presentation on Thursday
Passion Project:  yearlong project with assorted benchmarks/due dates.  Students are given an hour a week in class to work on this project.  Ask what their focus is on. Ask your student how they are doing on the project!