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Jan 21   Minimum Day – dismissal at 12pm

Newsletter for Antioch Charter Academy/TLCS Families and Staff Volume 26, Issue 19, January 17,2022

Dear ACA Families,

One of ACA’s School-Wide Graduate Goals is for our students to, Be able to contribute to society and feel empowered to make change.  Though our students may be young, they are also capable and important members of our community.  Our students have their own thoughts and ideas about positive ways to change not just their community, but the world itself.

Giving our students a chance to express and even act on their ideas for change is valuable to their growth.  As adults, we can model for our students how to contribute to society and make change, and also support our students when they want to make changes in society.

Whether it’s during the holidays, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, or any other time of the year, I hope we continue to teach our students the importance of contributing to society and feeling empowered to make change.


Sarah McLean


***If anyone in your household has tested positive for COVID,

Please Do Not Send Your Child To School.

Call or email the office for your next steps. Thank you***

School Choice Week Celebration:  School Choice week is January 24-28th!

What is school choice? School choice is the process of allowing every family to choose the K-12 educational options that best fit their children. Every child is unique, and all children learn differently. Some children might succeed at the neighborhood public school, while others might fit in better at a charter, magnet, online, private or home learning environment. That’s why school choice is so important! These options include all forms of education, from traditional public schools, to public charter schools, public magnet schools, private schools, online academies, and homeschooling (

Everyday we will have an opportunity to show our school spirit, including learning a dance, as we celebrate school choice week!

Special Education: Would you like to know more about how special education works at ACA I & II? Every year our Special Education Department hosts a Parent Education Program (PEP) meeting to discuss how our program works, updates to our program, and where our program is going next. We also give our parents the opportunity to provide us with feedback and improvements to our program as a part of our Parent Advisory Committee.

This year’s Special Education PEP meeting will be held virtually on Thursday, January 20th at 6pm on Zoom. We would love for you to join us.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 818 3135 1040

Passcode: 340384

Here are a few of the topics we will cover at the meeting:

  • Updates to our Special Education program for the 2021-2022 school year

  • How to prepare for an IEP meeting

  • How to communicate concerns about goals, assessments, or accommodations

  • Our Special Ed WASC goals and plan for the future

  • Parent Advisory Committee feedback

If you are unable to attend, we will not be recording the meeting, but our presentation and meeting notes will be sent to you in an email! Please email Miss Dubitsky at with any questions about our Special Ed PEP meeting.

Yearbook: We need your pictures!  If you take pictures of school events, please share them to Passcode for our school is 101506720561403


The ACA Family Network is made up of ACA adults who volunteer for fundraisers and social events for the enrichment of our children. The money we raise goes back to our school for study trips, family activities, assemblies, and classroom supplies. If you have a child/grandchild/niece/nephew/etc. at ACA, then come join us & help make a difference!

Family Network Meetings are usually the second Thursday of each month. The board welcomes and encourages all ACA families to attend the meetings.  Check with the calendar below to find out the next meeting.

Annual Give: Would you like to support whole school activities, all the classrooms, and have less fundraisers??!!!  Then make a tax deductible donation…donate here via PayPal →

AmazonSmiles: Shop at Amazon? Shop at Amazon’s fundraising site, and they will donate back to ACA. We are registered as The Learner Centered School, Inc.

Family Network Volunteer Opportunities

🍿  Popcorn Fridays Volunteers Needed 🍿

We need volunteers to help out with popcorn sales each Friday 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Help set up, make popcorn, sell candy/popcorn and clean-up


Need a COVID test?  Students may go to:

  • Antioch High School: Monday’s & Wednesday’s 4-7pm – Results in 15 minutes

  • Deer Valley High School: Tuesday’s & Thursday’s 4-7pm – Results in 15 minutes

  • Antioch Water Park: Walk Ins welcome 7am-7pm – Results 3-4 days

  • ACA Office – we were given tests – one per student – while supplies last.  If you haven’t picked up one for your ACA student, please contact the office.

Mask Reminder: Students, employees, parents/guardians, and visitors will need to wear a mask while on campus.  Masks are available in the office for children and adults.

Drop Off & Pick Up Reminders: We will continue to symptom screencheck and temperature check each student upon arrival. Parents/drivers may not enter the gates during carpool dropoff time.

If students arrive late, a parent/driver must walk the student(s) into the office for a symptom screen and temperature check.  Both the student(s) and the adult must wear a mask.

If your student needs to depart early, the person picking up the child must call the office at (925) 755-7311 so the office can retrieve the student prior to walking into the office to sign out their student. All visitors coming onto campus must wear a mask.

Parking Lot Safety – Let’s Keep ALL Our Students, Staff & Families SAFE!

  • Everyone needs to use crosswalks!

  • Listen to the staff’s instructions – they are trying to keep everyone safe, and to keep drop off/pick up running smoothly.

  • Do not tell your students to cut through the parking lot to reach you – cars that are backing up may not see your student.  Students should be picked up using the carpool lane, or using the crosswalk, they can walk to their cars which are parked on the street/in front of the park.

  • When it is your turn to enter the carpool lane, pull all the way forward, so up to 6 vehicles can load/unload their charges at a time.

  • Do not move forward in the carpool lane until all children have entered/exited their vehicles in front of you – a fender bender could severely injure a child who is partially in a vehicle.

  • Thank you for keeping everyone safe – remember picking up/dropping off is only a few minutes out of your day, but an injury could last a lifetime!!

Charter Council: The Charter Council is our governing board.  The board meets usually on the second Thursday of the month @ 4PM.  Please check the calendar for the next meeting date/time, or call the office at 925-755-7311 to confirm.  These meetings are open to the public – all are welcomed! Check the calendar for the next school meeting.

School Lunch Order Form –

Absences and Tardies – Daily Attendance is expected: If your student will be absent, or tardy, please call the office at 925-755-7311, or email your student’s classroom, before 8:00am.

Remind: This is another way for the school to quickly inform you on what is happening on campus. Never miss another minimum day schedule, or a whole school event.  You can receive messages through email or through texting – you decide!  If you have not signed up yet, please contact your student’s classroom for the code!

Need Assistance – it is OK to ask!

Antioch Charter Academy: call the school office (925-755-7311) if you need help finding school supplies, figuring out how to get school lunches, and/or need to talk with someone regarding any struggles your student(s) may be facing.

Contra Costa Crisis Center (call 211):

Contra Costa Health Services: Mental Health Wellness & Education on how to address “Disappointment,” reduce “Stress” and maintain a “Positive Attitude”

Mental Health Wellness & Education :: Behavioral Health

888-678-7277 [available 24/7]

Shelter Inc. COVID 19 and Eviction Prevention Hotlines: COVID 19 hotline for those affected by the COVID-19 virus: rental assistance, payment of utility bills, funds for food or necessities; Eviction Prevention – due to crisis. Call 211 or go to

Contra Costa Crisis Center: Services and Resources for Teens

Coping With Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks – What You Should Know

Services and Resources for Teens :: Behavioral Health

800-833-2900 (24/7)

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network:

Fact Sheet on COVID-19 along with Age Appropriate Coping Strategies

Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope With the Coronavirus Disease 2019

Parent Anonymous:


  • Jan 20           Charter Council (all welcome) – 4pm (new date)

  • Jan 20           Middle School Trip to Family Harvest Farm (select students)

  • Jan 20           Special Education PEP – Zoom (see above for details)

  • Jan 21          Minimum Day – dismissal at 12pm

  • Jan 24-28      Celebrate School Choice Week

  • Jan 27           Make-up Picture Day

  • Feb 4            Minimum Day – dismissal at 12pm

  • Feb 10           Middle School Trip to Family Harvest Farm (select students)

  • Feb 21-28      February Break & Staff Workday  – no school

  • March 2         ACA Lottery


School Phone – 925-755-7311

School Address – 3325 Hacienda Way, Antioch 94509

School Website –

School Lunch Order Form –

ACA Office –

ACA Family Network –

ACA Elementary –

ACA Intermediate –

ACA Primary –

ACA Middle School –

ACA I & II Special Education –

ACA Newsletter –

ACA Memories –

Twitter & Instagram Accounts – #AntiochCharter; @AntiochCharter

Parent Network Board & Contact Info

Co-Chairs: Lydia Moon and Kelly MacCallister

Secretary: Brooke Farrington

Treasurer: Beth Rottier

School Volunteer Coordinator: Salena Killion

Social Chair: open…can you help???

Fundraising Chair: open…can you help???

If you’re interested in an open position please email

We need help to make this year amazing for OUR KIDS, the school families, teachers and staff

Members at Large: Everyone!

Private Facebook Group:



Our Vision To provide a learning environment where students of all socio-economic levels and ethnic backgrounds embrace education, exhibit compassion, and accept personal responsibility

Our Mission: The mission of the Antioch Charter Academies is to facilitate academic and personal growth of TK-8th grade students of all socio-economic levels and ethnic backgrounds. ACA enables 21st century students to become literate, self-motivated, innovative, lifelong learners, and compassionate, collaborative active citizens. We nurture and support a partnership of students, teachers, families and the community; embrace individual strengths; and build upon research informed educational best practices including Montessori, multiple intelligences, brain-compatible teaching, and multi-age groupings with small class sizes.

Antioch Charter Academy is Fully Accredited for Grades K-8 by the Schools Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

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Boletín para las familias y el personal de Antioch Charter Academy/TLCS Volumen 26, número 19, 17 de enero de 2022

Estimadas familias de ACA,

Uno de los objetivos de posgrado de toda la escuela de ACA es que nuestros estudiantes sean capaces de contribuir a la sociedad y se sientan empoderados para hacer cambios. Aunque nuestros estudiantes pueden ser jóvenes, también son miembros capaces e importantes de nuestra comunidad. Nuestros estudiantes tienen sus propios pensamientos e ideas sobre formas positivas de cambiar no solo su comunidad, sino el mundo mismo.

Brindarles a nuestros estudiantes la oportunidad de expresar e incluso actuar sobre sus ideas para el cambio es valioso para su crecimiento. Como adultos, podemos modelar para nuestros estudiantes cómo contribuir a la sociedad y hacer cambios, y también apoyar a nuestros estudiantes cuando quieren hacer cambios en la sociedad.

Ya sea durante las vacaciones, el Día de Martin Luther King, Jr. o en cualquier otra época del año, espero que sigamos enseñando a nuestros estudiantes la importancia de contribuir a la sociedad y sentirse empoderados para hacer cambios.


sarah mclean


***Si alguien en su hogar ha dado positivo por COVID,

Por favor, no envíe a su hijo a la escuela.

Llame o envíe un correo electrónico a la oficina para sus próximos pasos. Gracias***

Celebración de la semana de elección de escuela: ¡La semana de elección de escuela es del 24 al 28 de enero!

¿Qué es la elección de escuela? La elección de escuela es el proceso de permitir que cada familia elija las opciones educativas K-12 que mejor se adapten a sus hijos. Cada niño es único y todos los niños aprenden de manera diferente. Algunos niños pueden tener éxito en la escuela pública del vecindario, mientras que otros pueden encajar mejor en un entorno de aprendizaje chárter, magnet, en línea, privado o en el hogar. ¡Es por eso que la elección de escuela es tan importante! Estas opciones incluyen todas las formas de educación, desde escuelas públicas tradicionales hasta escuelas públicas chárter, escuelas magnet públicas, escuelas privadas, academias en línea y educación en el hogar (

¡Todos los días tendremos la oportunidad de mostrar nuestro espíritu escolar, incluido aprender un baile, mientras celebramos la semana de elección de escuela!

Educación especial: ¿Le gustaría saber más sobre cómo funciona la educación especial en ACA I y II? Cada año, nuestro Departamento de Educación Especial organiza una reunión del Programa de Educación para Padres (PEP) para analizar cómo funciona nuestro programa, las actualizaciones de nuestro programa y hacia dónde se dirige nuestro programa a continuación. También les damos a nuestros padres la oportunidad de brindarnos sus comentarios y mejoras a nuestro programa como parte de nuestro Comité Asesor de Padres.

La reunión del PEP de Educación Especial de este año se llevará a cabo virtualmente el jueves 20 de enero a las 6 p. m. en Zoom. Nos encantaria que te unas a nosotros.

Únase a la reunión de Zoom

Identificación de la reunión: 818 3135 1040

Código de acceso: 340384

Estos son algunos de los temas que trataremos en la reunión:

Actualizaciones de nuestro programa de Educación Especial para el año escolar 2021-2022

Cómo prepararse para una reunión del IEP

Cómo comunicar inquietudes sobre objetivos, evaluaciones o adaptaciones

Nuestros objetivos y planes para el futuro de Special Ed WASC

Comentarios del Comité Asesor de Padres

Si no puede asistir, no grabaremos la reunión, ¡pero le enviaremos nuestra presentación y las notas de la reunión por correo electrónico! Envíe un correo electrónico a Miss Dubitsky a con cualquier pregunta sobre nuestra reunión de PEP de educación especial.

Anuario: ¡Necesitamos sus fotos! Si toma fotografías de eventos escolares, compártalas en El código de acceso de nuestra escuela es 101506720561403


La red familiar de ACA está formada por adultos de ACA que se ofrecen como voluntarios para recaudar fondos y eventos sociales para el enriquecimiento de nuestros niños. El dinero que recaudamos vuelve a nuestra escuela para viajes de estudio, actividades familiares, asambleas y útiles escolares. Si tiene un hijo/nieto/sobrina/sobrino/etc. en ACA, ¡entonces únase a nosotros y ayude a marcar la diferencia!

Las reuniones de Family Network son generalmente el segundo jueves de cada mes. La junta da la bienvenida y alienta a todas las familias de ACA a asistir a las reuniones. Consulte el calendario a continuación para averiguar la próxima reunión.

Donación anual: ¿Le gustaría apoyar las actividades de toda la escuela, todas las aulas y tener menos eventos para recaudar fondos? Luego haga una donación deducible de impuestos… done aquí a través de PayPal →

AmazonSmiles: ¿Comprar en Amazon? Compre en el sitio de recaudación de fondos de Amazon, y donarán a ACA. Estamos registrados como The Learner Centered School, Inc.

Oportunidades de voluntariado de la red familiar

🍿 Se necesitan voluntarios para los viernes de palomitas de maíz 🍿

Necesitamos voluntarios para ayudar con la venta de palomitas de maíz todos los viernes de 2:30 p. m. a 3:30 p. m.

Ayudar a preparar, hacer palomitas de maíz, vender dulces/palomitas de maíz y limpiar


¿Necesita una prueba de COVID? Los estudiantes pueden ir a:

Escuela Secundaria Antioch: Lunes y Miércoles 4-7pm – Resultados en 15 minutos

Deer Valley High School: martes y jueves de 4 a 7 p. m. – Resultados en 15 minutos

Parque acuático Antioch: Walk Ins son bienvenidos de 7 a. m. a 7 p. m.