Be in the Know  😎
*Victorian Day on Tuesday, December 21 from 8:15-12pm.  All participants are expected to come in some type of Victorian era clothing. Thank you for filling up all the slots for the Banquet – you guys rock!!!  We could still use a couple more hands for the event.  If you can help, we would appreciate it – just let us know!  Students drew names today for the gift exchange. 
*Flurry of Family Fun Night for ACA Families including alumni here on campus December 16th from 6-7:30. This event is free, but you must RSVP to the office by tomorrow, December 14th. 

Thank you to Mrs. Dehlinger, Mr. Ferguson, Mrs. Chandler, Mrs. Pope, Mrs. Gochenouer, Ms. Glen, Mrs. Cruz, Ms. Billeci, and Mrs. Cisneros for driving on our trip last Friday!!! It was great to be back out in the “world” with the students again! 
Weekly Work (additional assignments may be added by teachers)
Current Events #3:In pairs create 8 index cards (4 x 6 or 5 x 7) on the American Industrial Revolution.

(2) Two should tell us about the living conditions during that time,
(2) Two should tell us about the working conditions of the time
(2) Two should tell us about child labor in America, and
(2) Two should tell us the effects of the American Industrial Revolution on the Native Americans.
Each index card should have a picture and a paragraph (bullet points), also any dates that apply. Due Thursday

Writing #2:Part 2: Write your character sketch for our party. Follow all of the instructions on the following web site. Due on Friday-December 17th.  
Math:  Daily assignments, including classwork & homework.  Assorted due dates, & assessments are usually on Fridays.
Science (Family Life): assorted assignments & due dates
Writer’s Workshop:  Portfolio of writing assignments Due in April
Passion Project:  yearlong project with assorted benchmarks/due dates.  Students are given an hour a week in class to work on this project.  Ask what their focus is on. Ask your student how they are doing on the project!