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Newsletter for Antioch Charter Academy/TLCS Families and Staff Volume 26, Issue 8, October 12, 2021

Welcome Back!

I hope our families were able to find some time to rest, relax, and re-energize for the second half of our trimester. Getting up and ready for school can be really tough after a long break from the routine of early morning “get-ups”, especially as the days grow shorter and it is darker each morning. However, l would like to highlight how important ON TIME arrival to school really is.

Arriving late to school can and does happen to all of us occasionally. Car trouble, breakfast spills or faulty alarm clocks happen. However, some of our families are making late arrival to school a predictable routine, and the impact on our community is lasting. Generally, our morning routines involve setting the tone for learning. Students are given the opportunity to ask clarifying questions about the weekly work or upcoming events AND most of our classrooms meet to discuss ongoing issues or to resolve conflicts. You may think that 10 minutes late is no big deal, but I assure you, 10 minutes can become 20 minutes as students take time to adjust to what is going on around them. Making late arrival a habit, is giving students the message that making adjustments to show up on time is unimportant. Here are some suggestions I found that could really help those morning routines:

1) Pack backpacks/lunchboxes the night before. The last thing you want to be doing as you are rushing out the door is trying to find lost homework. Make sure everyone’s backpacks are ready to go and prepare home lunches as much as you can. Also fill their water bottles ahead of time and store in the refrigerator.

2) Lay clothes out. Seems too simple to make a difference, but hunting down matching socks or pants without holes in the knees is quite the time consumer. Not only that, but you won’t have to worry that you didn’t notice your child was wearing shorts in negative degree weather until after you arrived at school.

3) Set up a “last stop” area. Pick any available area near the door you typically leave through and put everything there for the day: backpacks, phones, homework, and especially coats and shoes. There are no last-minute distractions this way.

4) Play a family favorite music list. Music can get people moving and can even turn a mood around. Pick upbeat songs that everyone enjoys. Play the same set each day so that everyone starts to recognize the cues and where they should be. For example, when the second song ends, breakfast is over. The third song ending means teeth should be brushed, and when the last song starts, they should be heading to get their coats and backpacks on.

5) If all else fails, wake up earlier. Not the most enjoyable solution, but sometimes drastic measures are needed.  (Ideas taken from “How being late to School Impacts Your Child” )

Hope these help!

Mrs. Cordova


NEW Ordering Lunch using Google Sheet:  You can now order your lunch in advance! Order forms are due every Friday by 9am. Find the order form here If you forget to submit your order form, your student will still be able to order the “Offered Daily” items on the morning of. If you would like your students’ order to stay permanent, please let the office know.  Also, please let us know if you would like to receive free breakfast, snack, and dinner “Grab & Go”.

Need the Internet? Please see the attached flyers for an option of low cost internet.

Yearbook: We need your pictures!  If you take pictures of school events, please share them to (see attached document for instructions)


The ACA Family Network is made up of ACA adults who volunteer for fundraisers and social events for the enrichment of our children. The money we raise goes back to our school for study trips, family activities, assemblies, and classroom supplies. If you have a child/grandchild/niece/nephew/etc. at ACA, then come join us & help make a difference!

Walktober is here!!!! This is a month-long fundraiser aimed to get our students moving!

Please help Antioch Charter Academy (ACA) fund Classroom Technology, Science, PE, Music, Personal Safety, Art classes and field trips by pledging money to students walking during our WALKTOBER event!  All students will receive a pedometer when we get back from break, Tuesday October 12th ! Here is the form for tracking your steps:

Walktober is a step challenge between the levels (Primary & Elementary, Intermediate, and Middle), with weekly set goals of destinations to “walk” to. Our destinations will be Antioch to Santa Fe, Santa Fe to Kansas City, Kansas City to Chicago, Chicago to Atlanta, and then finishing from there in Time Square!

You may make a flat donation, pledge for each milestone or per step (goal is 4,052 mile) For example, if you pledge $.01 per mile your donation would be $40 total for the event. If you pledge $5 per city “walked to” your donation would be $25; of a flat donation of your choosing is always appreciated.


100% of money earned goes directly to ACA’s Family Network, which uses funds to support school activities.  Please make checks payable to ACA.  Pledge sheets must be turned in by Friday October 30th, but will be returned to you on November 3rd so you can collect on your Pledges per Lap.  All money must be turned into the classroom teachers by November 18th.

Let us know if you have any questions!


Family Network Meetings are usually the second Thursday of each month. The board welcomes and encourages all ACA families to attend the meetings.  Check with the calendar below to find out the next meeting.

Annual Give: Would you like to support whole school activities, all the classrooms, and have less fundraisers??!!!  Then make a tax deductible donation…donate here via PayPal →

AmazonSmiles: Shop at Amazon? Shop at Amazon’s fundraising site, and they will donate back to ACA. We are registered as The Learner Centered School, Inc.

Family Network Volunteer Opportunities

🍿  Popcorn Fridays Volunteers Needed 🍿

We need volunteers to help out with popcorn sales each Friday 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Help set up, make popcorn, sell candy/popcorn and clean-up

🍜 Restaurant Fundraiser🍜

Hey there Parents! Do you know of, or work for, a restaurant that would like to participate in an ACA fundraiser? Please email to provide the

restaurant information or for more details.


Mask Reminder: Students, employees, parents/guardians, and visitors will need to wear a mask while on campus, which includes the parking lot.  Masks are available in the office for children and adults.

Drop Off & Pick Up Reminders: We will continue to symptom screencheck and temperature check each student upon arrival. Parents/drivers may not enter the gates during carpool dropoff time.

If students arrive late, after staff has left the drop off area, a parent/driver must walk the student(s) into the office for a symptom screen and temperature check.  Both the student(s) and the adult must wear a mask.

If your student needs to depart early, the person picking up the child must call the office at (925) 755-7311 so the office can retrieve the student prior to walking into the office to sign out their student. All visitors coming onto campus must wear a mask.

Parking Lot Safety – Let’s Keep ALL Our Students & Families SAFE!

  • Everyone needs to use crosswalks!

  • Please do not move the cones or park in the parking lot area closest to the buildings.  Students use that area to wait for their rides.

  • Listen to the staff’s instructions – they are trying to keep everyone safe, and to keep drop off/pick up running smoothly.

  • Do not tell your students to cut through the parking lot to reach you – cars that are backing up may not see your student.  Students should be picked up using the carpool lane, or using the crosswalk, they can walk to their cars which are parked on the street/in front of the park.

  • When it is your turn to enter the carpool lane, pull all the way forward, so up to 6 vehicles can load/unload their charges at a time.

  • Do not move forward in the carpool lane until all children have entered/exited their vehicles in front of you – a fender bender could severely injure a child who is partially in a vehicle.

  • At the height of pick up/drop off, once you are done, we ask that you turn right out of the parking lot, so there will be less traffic in front of the school – this will actually save you a few minutes!

  • Thank you for keeping everyone safe – remember picking up/dropping off is only a few minutes out of your day, but an injury could last a lifetime!!

Charter Council: The Charter Council is our governing board.  The board meets usually on the second Thursday of the month @ 4PM.  Please check the calendar for the next meeting date/time, or call the office at 925-755-7311 to confirm.  These meetings are currently on Zoom, and open to the public – all are welcomed! Check the calendar for the next school meeting.

Absences and Tardies – Daily Attendance is expected: If your student will be absent, or tardy, please call the office at 925-755-7311, or email your student’s classroom, before 8:00am.

Need Assistance – it is OK to ask!

Antioch Charter Academy: call the school office (925-755-7311) if you need help finding school supplies, figuring out how to get school lunches, and/or need to talk with someone regarding any struggles your student(s) may be facing.

Contra Costa Crisis Center (call 211):

Contra Costa Health Services: Mental Health Wellness & Education on how to address “Disappointment,” reduce “Stress” and maintain a “Positive Attitude”

Mental Health Wellness & Education :: Behavioral Health

888-678-7277 [available 24/7]

Shelter Inc. COVID 19 and Eviction Prevention Hotlines: COVID 19 hotline for those affected by the COVID-19 virus: rental assistance, payment of utility bills, funds for food or necessities; Eviction Prevention – due to crisis. Call 211 or go to

Contra Costa Crisis Center: Services and Resources for Teens

Coping With Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks – What You Should Know

Services and Resources for Teens :: Behavioral Health

800-833-2900 (24/7)

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network:

Fact Sheet on COVID-19 along with Age Appropriate Coping Strategies

Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope With the Coronavirus Disease 2019

Parent Anonymous:

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If you have not already signed up, please contact your student’s classroom to get your student’s individual sign-up code!

Have multiple students…then get a code for each one.


  • Oct 1-31 Whole School FN Walk-a-thon

  • Oct 14          Charter Council Meeting @ 4pm

  • Oct 21           Being There Experience (Primary/Elementary) – Pumpkin Patch

  • Oct 28-29      Minimum Days (Conferences) – dismissal at 12pm

  • Nov 11          No School – Veterans Day

  • Nov 15-19     Minimum Days (Conferences) – dismissal at 12pm

  • Nov 19          End of 1st Trimester

  • Nov 22-26     No School – Thanksgiving Break

  • Nov 29          2nd Trimester begins


School Phone – 925-755-7311

School Address – 3325 Hacienda Way, Antioch 94509

School Website –

School Lunch Order Form –

ACA Office –

ACA Family Network –

ACA Elementary –

ACA Intermediate –

ACA Primary –

ACA Middle School –

ACA I & II Special Education –

ACA Newsletter –

ACA Memories –

Twitter & Instagram Accounts – #AntiochCharter; @AntiochCharter

Parent Network Board & Contact Info

Co-Chairs: Lydia Moon and Kelly MacCallister

Secretary: Brooke Farrington

Treasurer: Beth Rottier

School Volunteer Coordinator: Salena Killion

Social Chair: open…can you help???

Fundraising Chair: open…can you help???

If you’re interested in an open position please email

We need help to make this year amazing for OUR KIDS, the school families, teachers and staff

Members at Large: Everyone!

Private Facebook Group:



Our Vision To provide a learning environment where students of all socio-economic levels and ethnic backgrounds embrace education, exhibit compassion, and accept personal responsibility

Our Mission: The mission of the Antioch Charter Academies is to facilitate academic and personal growth of TK-8th grade students of all socio-economic levels and ethnic backgrounds. ACA enables 21st century students to become literate, self-motivated, innovative, lifelong learners, and compassionate, collaborative active citizens. We nurture and support a partnership of students, teachers, families and the community; embrace individual strengths; and build upon research informed educational best practices including Montessori, multiple intelligences, brain-compatible teaching, and multi-age groupings with small class sizes.

Antioch Charter Academy is Fully Accredited for Grades K-8 by the Schools Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

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Academia Charter de Antioch

Boletín para las familias y el personal de Antioch Charter Academy / TLCS Volumen 26, Número 8, 12 de octubre de 2021

¡Bienvenido de nuevo!

Espero que nuestras familias hayan podido encontrar algo de tiempo para descansar, relajarse y revitalizarse durante la segunda mitad de nuestro trimestre. Levantarse y prepararse para la escuela puede ser realmente difícil después de un largo descanso de la rutina de “levantarse” temprano en la mañana, especialmente a medida que los días se acortan y es más oscuro cada mañana. Sin embargo, me gustaría resaltar lo importante que es realmente llegar a TIEMPO a la escuela.

Llegar tarde a la escuela puede sucedernos a todos de vez en cuando. Suceden problemas con el automóvil, derrames de desayuno o relojes de alarma defectuosos. Sin embargo, algunas de nuestras familias están haciendo que llegar tarde a la escuela sea una rutina predecible, y el impacto en nuestra comunidad es duradero. Generalmente, nuestras rutinas matutinas implican establecer el tono para el aprendizaje. Los estudiantes tienen la oportunidad de hacer preguntas aclaratorias sobre el trabajo semanal o los próximos eventos Y la mayoría de nuestras aulas se reúnen para discutir problemas en curso o para resolver conflictos. Puede pensar que 10 minutos tarde no es gran cosa, pero le aseguro que 10 minutos pueden convertirse en 20 minutos, ya que los estudiantes se toman el tiempo para adaptarse a lo que sucede a su alrededor. Hacer de la llegada tardía un hábito es darles a los estudiantes el mensaje de que hacer ajustes para llegar a tiempo no es importante. Aquí hay algunas sugerencias que encontré que realmente podrían ayudar con esas rutinas matutinas:

1) Empaque mochilas / loncheras la noche anterior. Lo último que quiere hacer mientras sale corriendo por la puerta es tratar de encontrar la tarea perdida. Asegúrese de que las mochilas de todos estén listas para llevar y prepare los almuerzos en casa tanto como pueda. También llene sus botellas de agua con anticipación y guárdelas en el refrigerador.

2) Extienda la ropa. Parece demasiado simple para marcar la diferencia, pero buscar calcetines o pantalones a juego sin agujeros en las rodillas es un consumidor de tiempo. No solo eso, sino que no tendrá que preocuparse de no haber notado que su hijo estaba usando pantalones cortos en condiciones climáticas negativas hasta después de su llegada a la escuela.

3) Establezca un área de “última parada”. Elija cualquier área disponible cerca de la puerta por la que normalmente sale y coloque todo allí para el día: mochilas, teléfonos, tareas y especialmente abrigos y zapatos. De esta manera no hay distracciones de último momento.

4) Reproduzca una lista de música favorita de la familia. La música puede hacer que la gente se mueva e incluso puede cambiar el estado de ánimo. Elija canciones alegres que todos disfruten. Toque el mismo set todos los días para que todos comiencen a reconocer las señales y dónde deberían estar. Por ejemplo, cuando termina la segunda canción, se acaba el desayuno. El final de la tercera canción significa que se deben cepillar los dientes y, cuando comienza la última canción, deben ir a ponerse los abrigos y las mochilas.

5) Si todo lo demás falla, levántese más temprano. No es la solución más agradable, pero a veces se necesitan medidas drásticas. (Ideas extraídas de “Cómo afecta a su hijo llegar tarde a la escuela”

¡Espero que te ayuden!

Señora cordova


NUEVO Pedido de almuerzo con Google Sheet: ¡Ahora puede pedir su almuerzo con anticipación! Los formularios de pedido deben entregarse todos los viernes a las 9 a. M. Encuentre el formulario de pedido aquí Si olvida enviar su formulario de pedido, su estudiante aún podrá ordenar los artículos “Diarios ofrecidos” en la mañana del. Si desea que la orden de sus estudiantes permanezca permanente, infórmeselo a la oficina. Además, háganos saber si desea recibir desayuno, refrigerio y cena gratis “Grab & Go”.

¿Necesitas Internet? Consulte los folletos adjuntos para ver una opción de Internet de bajo costo.

Anuario: ¡Necesitamos tus fotos! Si toma fotografías de eventos escolares, compártalas en (consulte el documento adjunto para obtener instrucciones)


La Red Familiar ACA está formada por adultos ACA que se ofrecen como voluntarios para eventos sociales y de recaudación de fondos para el enriquecimiento de nuestros niños. El dinero que recaudamos regresa a nuestra escuela para viajes de estudio, actividades familiares, asambleas y útiles escolares. Si tiene un hijo / nieto / sobrina / sobrino / etc. en ACA, ¡únase a nosotros y ayude a marcar la diferencia!
¡Walktober está aquí! ¡Esta es una recaudación de fondos de un mes cuyo objetivo es hacer que nuestros estudiantes se muevan!

¡Por favor ayude a Antioch Charter Academy (ACA) a financiar la tecnología del salón de clases, ciencias, educación física, música, seguridad personal, clases de arte y excursiones al prometer dinero a los estudiantes que caminan durante nuestro evento WALKTOBER! ¡Todos los estudiantes recibirán un podómetro cuando regresemos de las vacaciones, el martes 12 de octubre! Aquí está el formulario para seguir sus pasos:

Walktober es un desafío de pasos entre los niveles (Primaria y Primaria, Intermedio y Medio), con metas semanales establecidas de destinos a los que “caminar”. Nuestros destinos serán de Antioch a Santa Fe, de Santa Fe a Kansas City, de Kansas City a Chicago, de Chicago a Atlanta, y luego terminarán desde allí en Time Square.

Puede hacer una donación fija, una promesa para cada hito o por paso (la meta es 4,052 millas). Por ejemplo, si se compromete a $ .01 por milla, su donación sería de $ 40 en total para el evento. Si promete $ 5 por ciudad “caminada”, su donación sería de $ 25; de una donación plana de su elección siempre se agradece.


El 100% del dinero ganado va directamente a la Red Familiar de ACA, que utiliza fondos para apoyar las actividades escolares. Haga los cheques pagaderos a ACA. Las hojas de compromiso deben entregarse antes del viernes 30 de octubre, pero se le devolverán el 3 de noviembre para que pueda cobrar sus contribuciones por vuelta. Todo el dinero debe entregarse a los maestros del salón de clases antes del 18 de noviembre.

¡Háganos saber si tiene alguna pregunta!