Last Week of a Unit means Projects, Assessments & Finals! Students will have something BIG happening  everyday this week, including on Wednesday.  Even the Joust/Banquet is graded (how well they come prepared for the event).  Make sure your student has time to study & is well rested:
  1.  Set up for Museum Tours
  2.  Math Benchmark assessment & Museum Tours (K-6th) on Tuesday
  3.  Finish Art Projects on Wednesday
  4.  Science Final (Egg Drop) & Humanities Unit Final on Thursday
  5.  Joust & Banquet on Friday (prepared for their role)
Medieval Banquet & Joust this Friday, Oct. 1:  THANK YOU for signing up to help!!  Students will need to dress up for this day, according to the role they are playing.  Please do not go out and spend money, but look around your home for something they can piece together.  The Joust & Banquet will take the whole morning, with regular classes taking place in the afternoon. If you signed up to help with the banquet – make sure you send the items by Friday morning.
Weekly Work (additional assignments may be added by teachers)
Humanities: See Above
Math:  Daily assignments, including classwork & homework.  Assorted due dates, & assessments are usually on Fridays.
Science (Rockets): See above
Passion Project:  yearlong project with assorted benchmarks/due dates.  Students are given an hour a week in class to work on this project.  Ask what their focus is on.