Intermediate News

Summer 2021


Dear Intermediate Families,


We are so excited to welcome our Intermediate students back to full in-person learning this year! We are still working out all of the details of our program to start the year and more information will come out as we get closer to the first day of school. Thank you for your continued support and patience with us as we work out all of the details.


Meet and Greet Monday 8/16

The annual ACA II Meet and Greet will be Monday, August 16th from 5:00pm-7:00pm. Please come by, say hello, and preview the Intermediate classrooms. Students may also drop off their school supplies at the Meet and Greet. You will be able to sign all of your back to school forms, as well as pick sizes for Fantastic Friday shirts at the Meet and Greet!


Intermediate Supply List

The supply list is attached and may also be viewed at this link:


A few reminders about the supply list: students will use their Trapper Keepers to keep and organize all of their work for the trimester. It is important that their Trapper Keeper can be closed and zipped so nothing falls out. Students may use the same Trapper Keeper throughout their three years in Intermediate. Students will also need two 3-subject notebooks; one for language arts (their Reader Response Journal) and one for math. These journals will be used everyday for language arts and math. Intermediate students will also need only 1 one subject notebook this year for science. Also important are plenty of pencils and glue sticks. They are the most used items in our classrooms (and have a tendency to go missing quickly)!


Please purchase what you can from this list (we do have extra supplies for students who do not bring their own).


What to Expect This Year

Our goal this year is to get back to our normal in-person schedule as much as possible, while keeping student and staff safety in mind. We are not sure what that will look like for every part of our program, but we will communicate more with you at Back to School Night on August 25th and in all of our Intermediate newsletters.


Please keep in mind that while our schedule will be close to normal, all students will be required to wear a mask indoors. Additional COVID-19 safety rules and procedures will be sent home to all families before the first day of school.


Our Yearlong Theme is Discovery

This year our year-long theme is Discovery. We will be studying California history in social studies; weather, the Earth’s elements, heredity, survival and cells in science; and heredity and the human brain in STEM. Our students will continue to work on color coded paragraphs in writing and our Young Authors book will be short stories this year.



We are still working out how Electives will work this year. They are a vital part of our program, but we may need to structure them differently for the first trimester. If you have interest in teaching an elective this year, please look for more information soon!


Our Intermediate Newsletter

The Intermediate Newsletter is important to keeping up with the Intermediate news and events. Look for it every Monday in your inbox! Please contact us at with any questions! Enjoy the last few days of summer!