• 8th Grade Fun Day!  8th grade students will be celebrating together. They have asked for a water balloon fight, so they may want to bring a towel!
  • 7th Grade will meet with the incoming 6th grade for orientation of the  Middle School Class.  This is a tradition in Middle School! 7th graders need to bring a towel to sit on, for they will be meeting at the park with the 6th graders.
  • 8th Grade posters for Graduation are due (this is an optional project)
  • Genius Hour – students will present their Genius Hour projects to each other
  • Talent Show – this is a tradition in the Middle School and is a fun event for our class.
  • 8th Grade Parade Graduation at 4:30pm.  8th grade students need to arrive at 4:15pm.  7th grade families can set up in the park to cheer their friends on (unless you are part of the 7th grade committee, please do not come on the campus but stay at the park).
  • On Campus Only – no Zoom Meetings!  Distance Learners are encouraged to join us this day!!!  End of year activities are planned.
  • Report Cards will go home with your student (final paper copy – no emailed copy)
  • Yearbooks & Signing Time – 8th grade students will receive their Yearbooks; 7th graders can bring their Yearbooks if they ordered one
  • If you have not already done so, return ALL Math books, Literature Books, and Chromebook Bundles!!!
  • Distance Learners – if you won’t be allowing your student to join us on Wednesday, you still need to come on Wednesday and drop off ALL school borrowed items, plus pick up your student’s report card, belt (if they earned one), Yearbook (if they are an 8th grader), and clay projects (if they created one).