Week 2: Shakespeare (Humantities) and Family Life (Science)

Announcements (Important – please read):

  1. Guest Speaker: tomorrow (12/8), Mrs. Corrion (Labor & Delivery Nurse) will share with the students about her job, and answer their questions.
  2. Students have requested to do a Secret Santa exchange.  Students who choose to participate need to purchase a gift and bring it to school by next Monday (12/14).  This activity is optional, but if your student is participating, then you need to arrange to drop off the gift at school by Monday (12/14).  Gifts can be dropped off when they come to get their picture taken.
  3. For this unit’s final, students need to memorize and perform a Shakespearean monologue/sonnet.  The performance will take place on Friday, December 18th.  To help celebrate the completion of the unit, we (the middle school staff), will be dropping off a gift bag to your front door next week for your middle school student(s) (will let you know the day – either Wednesday or Thursday).  We will also drop off the Secret Santa gift (if your student participated).  We will open the bags/gifts together, after the monologues are performed.
  4. For this unit, and the coming unit, students have broken into groups according to their interest in the 4 Causes they came up with during class.  Make sure to ask your student which Cause they chose to participate in.  Please support your student, and their peers, as their group comes up with ideas to make a difference in their community!
  5. Students are reading The Tempest in class.  Ask your student which character they are playing!!!

Assignments/Homework: not inclusive – assignments may be added.  Class assignments not finished during class become homework.

  • Freckle: do daily assignments/practice; assorted due dates
  • Vocabulary Work (8 words each week); worksheets/Flipgrid due Thursday, quiz on Friday
  • Current Events: Local Challenges/Causes: continue to design solutions for Change; assorted assignments (including journaling) & due dates
  • RJW (7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens) – read assigned pages then respond to question by writing 4-5 paragraphs #2 due Friday
  • Duolingo: XP due Friday
  • Math: CPM, Khan, POD, Exit tickets (daily) pacing guide with due dates, assessments on Fridays
  • Science: participation, journal, activities; new unit, “Family Life”
  • Shakespeare Monologue: memorizing (copy in your RJW several times, and practice it); students will present/act out their memorized monologue on Friday, December 18th

Middle School Schedules (Distance Learning):


M, T, Th, F Schedule

8-8:20am            CM (Classroom Meeting)
8:20-10:05am     Session 1 (Humanities, Math)
10:05-10:15am   Brunch
10:15-12pm        Session 2  (Humanities, Math/Science)
12 -1pm              Lunch
1-3pm                 Music Electives, Collaborative & Independent work, Read (45 minutes)

Wednesday Enrichment Schedule

Live Zoom Meeting Week Schedule  Alpha

8:00-9:00  MUSIC
10:00-11:00 ART

11:00-12:00 PE

Google Classroom Week Schedule  Beta
8 – 8:30am  CM
8:30 – 12pm  Enrichment Work in Google Classrooms.