Week 3: Civil/Human Rights (Humanities), Body Systems (Science)

Assignments/Homework: not inclusive – assignments may be added.  Class assignments not finished during class become homework.

  • Introduction to the Holocaust – lecture/powerpoint, & take notes/create a timeline
  • PSA: create a public service announcement video; due on Friday 
  • Current Events: Watch 2 political commercials & answer questions; due Thursday 
  • RJW (Read assigned literature book – record minutes, then respond to question by writing full page) #3 due Friday
  • Writing/Literature Work: in class
  • Duolingo XP due Friday
  • Math: CPM, Khan, POD, Exit tickets (daily) pacing guide with due dates, assessments on Fridays
  • Science: participation, journal, activities; due on day of Science class
  • Civil/Human Rights Project: researching and creating power point; practice presentation on November 5th

Study trip – Virtual Guided Experience of the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, on Tuesday, November 10th.

The museum has set up a live virtual experience just for our students which will enhance their learning regarding the topic of Human & Civil Rights.

The cost for this experience is $7 per student. If you have a credit from last year’s study trips, your student’s cost is already covered (Ismael, Madi, Jae’la, Arzo, Cassidy, Jackson, Logan, Hillary, Haylee).

A BIG THANK YOU to those who have already paid!!

To pay, you can:
1.  Mail a check payable to ACA, with your student’s name in subject, to ACA (3511 Hacienda Way, Antioch Ca 94509)
2.  Drop off the payment to the campus (campus hours are 8-12pm, M-F)
3.  Venmo the money to   @Peggy-Wunderly (my icon is a picture of my dog).  Please make sure you let me know your student’s name in the explanation!

Please send in the cost of the trip by this Friday, Oct 30th. 

Middle School Schedules (Distance Learning):


M, T, Th, F Schedule

8-8:20am            CM (Classroom Meeting)
8:20-10:05am     Session 1 (Humanities, Math)
10:05-10:15am   Break/Brunch
10:15-12pm        Session 2  (Humanities, Math/Science)
12 -1pm              Break/Lunch
1-2pm                 Music Electives, Collaborative & Independent work, Read (45 minutes)

2-3pm                  Electives (Middle School Students)

Wednesday Enrichment Schedule


Google Classroom Week Schedule  Beta
8 – 8:30am  CM
8:30 – 12pm  Enrichment Work in Google Classrooms.

Live Zoom Meeting Week Schedule  Alpha

8:00-9:00  MUSIC
10:00-11:00 ART
11:00-12:00 PE


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