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ACA II families, we are excited to announce we will be holding a Positive Discipline Parent Training on Zoom! This is a great opportunity to learn how to incorporate positive discipline at home, especially during distance learning. Please come prepared with questions on October 19 at 6:00 pm-7:30 pm. The meeting will be recorded and uploaded on our school’s website if you are unable to attend.

Below is the link for the big class meeting and it will be posted in their Google classroom. We have planned for a“show and tell” for our students. This week Mr. Theodore’s class will have their turn. Our focus for this month is North America. They can bring an artifact, photos of places in North America, or share their vacation to any place in North America. Each student can do 3-5 sentences for their part.


In the classroom, teachers can monitor how much time an assignment is taking for students that are working hard.  Sometimes assignments take less time than we think, sometimes they take longer.  We can make adjustments to what is being assigned as we see what is happening.  But since we are not with the students as they are working, we can not judge how long things are taking. Please let your respective teachers know if you think the workload is too much or not enough for your student so we can make adjustments.

  • Important Dates:

  •  Thursday, October 1st – Big class meeting.

  • October 5th-9th- October Break NO SCHOOL

  • October 12 – Staff Development Day  NO SCHOOL

  • October 19 – Positive Discipline Training

Concepts for this week :

  • Ms.Mariappan’s class-

Language Arts –  Reading Comprehension, Making Prediction, Cause and Effect, Fact and Opinion, Informational text, Conjunctions, and Capitalization

Math – Place Value, Fractions on a number line, Bar graph, Word Problems, and Multiplication.

  • Mr.Theodore’s Class-

Language Arts- Proper Nouns and appropriate Capitalization, Narrative Writing

Math- Adding two-digit numbers (no regrouping) with place value blocks and expanded form

Readworks with a focus on Social Studies

Mystery Science

  • Ms.B’s Class

Language Arts- Common and proper nouns, writing sentences, verbs, capitalization, sequencing a story and syllables

Math- 3D shapes, skip count by 5’s and 10’s, comparing lengths, 10 more and 10 less

Cultural Subject – The Great Lesson and North America

Google Classroom Tip

Google Classroom has a free app that works on phones and tablets.  It is super easy to open the app, take a picture of a hand-written assignment or drawing as a pdf, or even record a video and turn it in.  If your student has a device, it would be very helpful to have this app.  If your student does not have a device, it would be very helpful for you to have the app to make it easy to upload work.


  • For all zoom lessons Please be ON TIME (or early!)

  • Please make sure students’ cameras are ON during their lessons.

  • Please make sure students are in a quiet area with no distractions.

How to contact us…

Ms. Mariappan

Mr. Theodore

Miss B

All teacher aides

Did you know?

Your internet providers will often upgrade your WIFI router for free because they want to keep you as a customer? All you have to do is call your provider and ask for the retention department. You can also ask your internet provider for WIFI extenders or boosters. They often come with new internet packages.

If you are having trouble connecting, but everything is usually fine, try restarting the computer. Computers need to be restarted every now and again in order to clear programs running in the background. This works for routers too! You can manually restart them with a button in the back or unplug them, count to ten, and then plug them back in! That often fixes the problem.

Here are some Google Classroom related tips:

  • Students should access their Google Classroom through the 9 dots (called the Waffle) at the top right-hand corner of their Gmail. They can also access it directly by going to

  • Download the Google Classroom App for Android or iPhones! It is super easy to use and students can upload their work by taking a picture of it directly through the app!

  • Here’s a video of how to turn in work using your phone: (Thanks Mrs. Hawley!)

  • Once in Google Classroom, students can access all of their classes by clicking on the 3 line menu (called a Hamburger menu) on the top left of their Google Classroom screen


Elementary Team


¡Familias de ACA II, nos complace anunciar que tendremos una capacitación para padres sobre disciplina positiva en Zoom! Esta es una gran oportunidad para aprender a incorporar disciplina positiva en el hogar, especialmente durante el aprendizaje a distancia. Por favor venga preparado con preguntas el 19 de octubre de 6:00 pm a 7:30 pm. La reunión se grabará y se cargará en el sitio web de nuestra escuela si no puede asistir.

A continuación se muestra el enlace para la gran reunión de la clase y se publicará en su aula de Google. Hemos planeado “mostrar y contar” para nuestros estudiantes. Esta semana la clase del Sr. Theodore tendrá su turno. Nuestro enfoque para este mes es América del Norte. Pueden traer un artefacto, fotos de lugares de América del Norte o compartir sus vacaciones en cualquier lugar de América del Norte. Cada estudiante puede hacer 3-5 oraciones por su parte.