Dear Primary Families,

We all survived the first 3 days of distance learning! This is the first of our weekly newsletters.  We will send one every Monday.  It will be sent to your email and also posted in the “Stream” on our google classroom.

Concepts of the Week
Letters Mm and Ss
Number 1
Montessori Bead Stair

Your child’s homework this week is to learn how to mute and unmute on Zoom.  We had hoped that we could control muting/unmuting your children during zoom calls, but unfortunately zoom does not consistently allow us to unmute students remotely.  If you can teach your child to mute and unmute then they will be able to participate in their zoom lessons without your assistance.

There were some technical difficulties with Friday’s zoom.  We are sorry that some of you had difficulty joining the meeting.  If you are having trouble with the meeting ID/Password, please log in to the Primary Google Classroom using your child’s email/password, click on “Classwork” at the top, find the Zoom meeting listed for that day and click on the link in the description.

Please check the description for the zoom lesson in google classroom prior to the meeting to see if the teacher has listed any materials they want your child to have ready to use during the lesson.

Google Classroom
Most of you have figured out how to find the daily assignments listed on our Primary Google Classroom and have been submitting your student’s completed work via the site.  Great job!  We know it is a learning curve.  If you are continuing to have difficulty with turning in work on google classroom, these short youtube videos may help.  If you need assistance figuring this out, please send us an email and we will set up a time to walk you through it.
Video tutorial on how to use a smart phone or tablet to submit work on google classroom:
Video tutorial on how to use a chromebook to submit work on google classroom:

Reading Eggs/Mathseeds
This week we are starting our daily work in Reading Eggs and Mathseeds.  Students should spend 40 minutes per day Monday through Thursday with this online learning (around 20 minutes on each site).  Students do not have to do all 40 minutes in one sitting. You might want to try having them working in 10 minute chunks, taking breaks or doing other assignments in between. Your child’s login and password for the site were provided on the log-in sheet that had their school email log-in. Rather than assign students lessons to complete, we have decided to let students work through the program at their own pace.  We expect most children will complete 2 Reading Eggs lessons and 1 Mathseeds lesson per week.  Once your child logs in at, they should click on the Reading Eggs or Mathseeds button.  On the next screen they should click on “My Lessons” or “Lessons” which is in the center of their screen.  Then click on the lesson stepping stone that the character is standing on.  Each numbered stepping stone represents one lesson.  The program will guide them through completing the lessons sequentially.  Please don’t hesitate to send us an email if you have any questions.  Also, if your child gets stuck on a section of a lesson, it is okay to help by doing it with them together. Or you can always email their teacher to let us know they are stuck on a section and we can set up a one on one zoom to work with them on it.

We are looking forward to a great week!

Mrs. Hawley and Ms. Peacock