Dear ACA I & II Families,

The ACA I & II faculty want to assure you that while we are working to provide a safe return to school this fall, we are simultaneously acknowledging the world-wide protests for social justice and discussions regarding racial inequality.
Black Lives and Voices Matter. And as a staff we are committed to improving our community support for, and education about, this movement for social justice and racial equality. If there is one benefit of this pandemic, we believe that it has provided many of us time to explore and reflect upon our personal and social responsibility for building an equitable and socially just society. As educators, we realize our responsibility and unique position to influence this change.

How we will meet the challenges of this moment and which actions we will take, are the topic of continued discussion for staff. We don’t have all of the answers, but diversity and inclusion have been and will always be an ongoing focus in our learning community.

We want to encourage all of you to share your concerns and ideas regarding our schools’ curriculum, staff and culture. We want to create safe spaces for dialogue and opportunities for your input on these topics. Additionally, we plan to:

  • Facilitate and reinforce training on unconscious bias
  • Find age appropriate curriculum focusing on privilege and systemic racism
  • Review our hiring efforts to understand and employ areas of improvement

We look forward to more opportunities for dialogue between staff, families and students and want you to know that we are listening and open to your thoughts, questions and evaluation.

Thank You,

ACA I & II Faculty