Dear parents,

 This is our last newsletter for this year. Thank you families and students for your continued support through this distance learning.  This week we will be holding fun zoom meetings for students to chat and see all of their friends.  If you have not collected your end of the year goodie bags please come by on the last day of school and collect it. Have a wonderful and safe summer.

Ms. Jaime is moving to San Diego this summer and unfortunately for us, she will not be joining us next year. Students can join our big class meeting to say goodbye to her. Check the link on the bottom under zoom links.

Important Dates:

  • Tuesday, June 2nd – Big class meeting at 9:00(please check the link below)

  • Thursday, June 3rd – School Parade and distribution of Memory book

  • Thursday, June 3rd – Report cards go home

  • Thursday, June 4th- Turn in the loaned items

  • Thursday, June 4th-Last day of school


Report cards will be emailed on June 3rd.

Last Day Of School Parade- On June 3rd from 5-6 pm we will be having a parade so students may say goodbye to the wonderful ACAII staff.  All students and parents must stay in their cars.  Your ACAII staff will be social distancing around the island on the mid-way.  We will open the red gates for you to drive in on the right side and circle around the mid-way island then exit through the opposite gate you came in through. Please keep the parade moving so everyone has a chance to see the staff. You can collect your memory book on the same day or the last day of school.


Any items you loaned must be returned no later than June 4th. Please return the loaned items to where you loaned them from originally.


      Meeting ID: 558 284 083 and Password: 484464

Meeting ID: 458 856 249 and Password: 005626

Join Zoom Meeting for Big class meeting

Meeting ID: 734 3374 4167

Password: Cheetahs20

Reading Over Summer

Readworks: Article a day and a Reading comprehension passage are assigned for each grade level. It is a 10-minute reading article.  After reading, the 2nd & 3rd graders can register what they learned in the Book of Knowl. It’s optional for 1st graders to do Book of Knowledge. The reading passage is to improve their comprehension skills. It will be assigned for every two weeks. Please log in and make your students do it.

Students can also log in to their account in Readworks and create a library of their own and a reading list and read at their own pace on their own.

1stgrade 7L4URA Password is -1234!assignmentTab:a/studentId:/classCode:7L4URA/

2nd grade  DJTSKH Password is -1234!assignmentTab:a/studentId:/classCode:DJTSKH/

3rd grade FJG6DL Password is -1234!assignmentTab:a/studentId:/classCode:FJG6DL/

Did you know?

Only 3 more days of school!

  • Elementary Team