Intermediate News

May 26th, 2020


Important Information

  • We will be having a virtual Oreo exchange this year! Instructions will be coming out on Friday May 29th via email!

  • All borrowed Intermediate materials (Chromebooks, books, etc.) must be returned to school on or before the last day of school. Students may need their Chromebooks for the last week of school, so please plan on returning them to school on the last day of school. Please let us know if you need other arrangements. 

  • All student materials may be picked up on a pick up Friday or on the last day of school. This means that teachers do not want to babysit Intermediate cubby stuff over the summer. Please plan on picking up those materials, if you haven’t done so already. 

  • Bound Young Authors books can be picked up on Friday May 29th or the last day of school on June 4th. Students will be receiving their grade electronically. A copy will also be placed in their physical book, if they turned one in. 

Fantastic Friday

Did you know that there is a Fantastic Friday google classroom with assignments from all of your Fantastic Friday teachers? The google classroom code is qerfjsw. To join, just go to and click the + to join the Intermediate Fantastic Friday class! Now that science fair is over, check out the art, PE, music, and personal safety assignments our Friday teachers are posting!

Young Authors

LAST CHANCE TO TURN IN YOUNG AUTHORS BOOKS IS Friday May 29th! Please encourage your student to finish and turn it in for a grade. Books do not have to be bound to be turned in! Students can bind them now, later, or never! The choice is theirs. 


Students who do not turn in a Young Authors book will get a 0 on their report card. If your student does not finish their book, but wants what they have finished so far to count towards a grade, THEY MUST EMAIL MISS D DIRECTLY to let her know they want their previously completed work to be counted as their book. Students who choose this option can get no higher than a score of 2 on their report card for Young Authors.

Research/Science Fair

Once your student has presented their science fair project to Mrs. Gonzalez and turned in their science fair binder to their teacher, then they are finished with research for the year. There will be no trimester 3 research project this year. 



Go to Generation lesson “Properties of Matter” by clicking on


Watch the video and  read the lesson material. When finished, complete the “paper quiz” found at the bottom of the lesson.  Submit test to Miss Dubitsky.

Social Studies

There is an online version of our Social Studies Weekly Newspapers that your student can access at home. This version has many pros to it and will even read along with your student! Below are the directions of how to login. All students usernames and passwords are the same at Moby Max. We are attaching all students’ login information for reference. 

Studies Weekly:

  1. Go to

  2. Login using given Username and Password (most are the same as Moby Max and

  3. Click on the icon for the newspaper.

  4. Click on week 30 “Power of the People”

  5. Complete the reading, and crossword puzzle.