Calendar Reminders:

  • Tuesday, May 11 – class meeting on Zoom at 11:00am
  • May 10 – June 4 – Online Distance Learning continues
  • Wednesday – Thursday, May 13-15 – Virtual WalkAThon
  • Friday, May 15 – School will be open from 8:00am to NOON to drop off and pick up work
  • Friday, May 15 – Last day to turn in Memory Book preorder forms with payment
  • Tuesday, May 26 – Last day to turn in any missing/late/current work

The Walk-A-Thon is On!

Hey Cheetah’s get ready to exercise and show your school spirit!  We’re going to hold a Shelter-In-Place Walk-A-Thon May 13th through May 15th.

Any time from 8 am May 13th through 8 pm May 15th exercise for 30 minutes while social distancing.  You can take a walk, dance, Zumba, do jumping jacks, burpees, martial arts, play on the trampoline, swim… whatever you would like to do to stay active for 30 minutes straight.  Have fun!  Be creative and show your school spirit while you exercise!  You may even want to exercise with a friend by video chatting them via Zoom, Facetime, GoogleDuo, etc!

There will be an official Walk-a-Thon post on May 13th on the ACA II Facebook page.  Comment on that post with a picture or description of you exercising, or if you are unable to post to Facebook email the description and/or picture to Stephanie Brooks at and she will post it in the comment thread for you.  Every family who shares a picture or description receives 1 entry in a raffle for a chance to win a Target electronic gift card.

We understand that some families financial situations have greatly changed due to the current situation, therefore if you or one of your family/friends previously made a donation and now needs a refund, please email Stephanie Brooks at and we will get the money refunded.  So that social distancing is practiced, new donations will only be accepted through 99Pledges.  Please email Laurie Hawley if you need your 99Pledges link,  If friends and families do not wish to donate via 99Pledges, monies can be collected by you and made on their behalf on 99Pledges.


Let’s do this Cheetah’s because Cheetah’s Make It Happen!

Message from Memory Book – See attachment

Memory Book order forms are out! Karyn Engle will be on campus every Friday collecting preorder forms with payment.  Last day for preorder forms with payment is Friday, May 15.  A limited number of books will be available afterwards for $35 CASH ONLY.

Middle School Students

Since the campus is closed, your student is welcome to come to campus and pick up their belongings on Fridays between 8 and 12.

ALL Assignments will be posted on google classroom  Every student should check their Google Classroom “To Do” list OR their Calendar daily to make sure they are doing all of the assigned work.

FOR PARENTS: Mrs. McCutcheon and Mr. Hagan are still updating grades in Gradelink. Gradelink is the best place for parents to check student’s progress and performance in middle school.  Please login to Gradelink.  You can view each class to see what work is missing (noted with MIS) and the scores students receive on graded assignments.  Blanks indicate that the teacher has not yet graded an assignment.  You can also see upcoming assignments.

See attachment for Middle School newsletter.  Please note that there are assignments in all 4 academic subjects as well as Fantastic Friday classes on google classroom.


***Helpful email addresses
If you need to reach Middle School or any of the teachers, please use the following email addresses: – absence notes, responses to the newsletter, general questions, contacting Mrs. Ave – Mrs. McCutcheon, science or math questions – Mr. Hagan, language arts or social studies questions

Online Resources:

School Website: – resource pages, tool kits, extra practice and tech resources – Student homework help is available ALSO – Parent resource page has tutorials so you can better help your student!! – great website for vocabulary – Search ANY math topic to watch a short video tutorial, practice activities to get better at skills.