Intermediate News

May 11th, 2020

Important Information

  • Intermediate students should be participating in Zoom lessons and watching teacher videos (the whole thing), especially if they are stuck and need help! Remember that our students are independent learners in the classroom and can definitely be reminded to go use their resources before receiving help from a parent!

Fantastic Friday

Did you know that there is a Fantastic Friday google classroom with assignments from all of your Fantastic Friday teachers? The google classroom code is qerfjsw. To join, just go to and click the + to join the Intermediate Fantastic Friday class! Now that science fair is over, check out the art, PE, music, and personal safety assignments our Friday teachers are posting!

The Walk-A-Thon is On!

Hey Cheetah’s get ready to exercise and show your school spirit!  We’re going to hold a Shelter-In-Place Walk-A-Thon May 13th through May 15th. 

Any time from 8 am May 13th through 8 pm May 15th exercise for 30 minutes while social distancing.  You can take a walk, dance, Zumba, do jumping jacks, burpees, martial arts, play on the trampoline, swim… whatever you would like to do to stay active for 30 minutes straight.  Have fun!  Be creative and show your school spirit while you exercise!  You may even want to exercise with a friend by video chatting them via Zoom, Facetime, GoogleDuo, etc!

There will be an official Walk-a-Thon post on May 13th on the ACA II Facebook page.  Comment on that post with a picture or description of you exercising, or if you are unable to post to Facebook email the description and/or picture to Stephanie Brooks at and she will post it in the comment thread for you.  Every family who shares a picture or description receives 1 entry in a raffle for a chance to win a Target electronic gift card.

We understand that some families financial situations have greatly changed due to the current situation, therefore if you or one of your family/friends previously made a donation and now needs a refund, please email Stephanie Brooks at and we will get the money refunded.  So that social distancing is practiced, new donations will only be accepted through 99Pledges.  Please email Laurie Hawley if you need your 99Pledges link,  If friends and families do not wish to donate via 99Pledges, monies can be collected by you and made on their behalf on 99Pledges. 


Let’s do this Cheetah’s because Cheetah’s Make It Happen!

Young Authors

Completed Young Authors books can be turned in any time between now and Friday May 29th! The due date has been pushed back for students who are behind or were concentrating on their Science Fair. The flexible due date is not a reason to procrastinate! Please encourage your student to finish as soon as possible so that it may be graded. 

Once your student’s Young Authors book has been turned in for a grade, they are done with writing class assignments for the year! Remember that completed books can be dropped off, mailed in, or submitted electronically. Be sure to watch the youtube video for parents for all of the directions and options for book binding. 

Research/Science Fair

Once your student has presented their science fair project to Mrs. Gonzalez and turned in their science fair binder to their teacher, then they are finished with research for the year. There will be no trimester 3 research project this year. 


Go to Generation lesson “Balanced and Unbalanced Forces” by clicking on

 Watch the video and  read the lesson material. When finished, complete the “paper quiz” found at the bottom of the lesson.  Submit test to Miss Dubitsky.

Social Studies

There is an online version of our Social Studies Weekly Newspapers that your student can access at home. This version has many pros to it and will even read along with your student! Below are the directions of how to login. All students usernames and passwords are the same at Moby Max. We are attaching all students’ login information for reference. 

Studies Weekly:

  1. Go to

  2. Login using given Username and Password (most are the same as Moby Max and

  3. Click on the icon for the newspaper.

  4. Click on week 27 “Policies Brind Change”

  5. Complete the reading, and crossword puzzle.