Dear Cheetah Families,

Thank you parents for your continued support.  As we continue to do our distance learning, we highly encourage our students to work on their packet and if they need help, they can join Ms.M’s zoom lessons or watch Miss.B’s Video to understand the concept.  When you come to school to drop off and pick up the packet please use the O street parking, since the fairgrounds are closed for the public.

Important Dates:

  • May 11th- June 4th – Online Distance Learning continues

  • May 13th-15th Walk-A-Thon

  • Friday, May 15th – School will be open from 8:00 am to NOON to drop off,  pick up work packet and empty student’s cubby

  • Friday, May 15 – Last day to turn in Memory Book pre-order forms with payment

  • Thursday May 28th-Last day of zoom instruction

  • Friday May 29th-All loaned items are due back for Elementary

  • Thursday June 4th-Last day of school


  • Since the campus is closed, your student is welcome to come to campus and pick up their belongings on Fridays between 8 and 12. Please bring a bag to collect your students belongings.

  • We have received questions about Friday classes. They are enrichment classes, and they will be tracking student participation. If you have been participating great, if you have yet to, no worries, your student can start participating now as it fits into your schedule. Here is the google classroom code: dseud3i.

-In regards to personal safety, students need to practice their routines over the summer and log in their practice time. Students will be tested at the beginning of next school year to earn their belts.

The Walk-A-Thon is On!

Hey Cheetah’s get ready to exercise and show your school spirit!  We’re going to hold a Shelter-In-Place Walk-A-Thon May 13th through May 15th.

Any time from 8 am May 13th through 8 pm May 15th exercise for 30 minutes while social distancing.  You can take a walk, dance, Zumba, do jumping jacks, burpees, martial arts, play on the trampoline, swim… whatever you would like to do to stay active for 30 minutes straight.  Have fun!  Be creative and show your school spirit while you exercise!  You may even want to exercise with a friend by video chatting them via Zoom, Facetime, GoogleDuo, etc!

There will be an official Walk-a-Thon post on May 13th on the ACA II Facebook page.  Comment on that post with a picture or description of you exercising, or if you are unable to post to Facebook email the description and/or picture to Stephanie Brooks at and she will post it in the comment thread for you.  Every family who shares a picture or description receives 1 entry in a raffle for a chance to win a Target electronic gift card.

We understand that some families financial situations have greatly changed due to the current situation, therefore if you or one of your family/friends previously made a donation and now needs a refund, please email Stephanie Brooks at and we will get the money refunded.  So that social distancing is practiced, new donations will only be accepted through 99Pledges.  Please email Laurie Hawley if you need your 99Pledges link,  If friends and families do not wish to donate via 99Pledges, monies can be collected by you and made on their behalf on 99Pledges.

 Let’s do this Cheetah’s because Cheetah’s Make It Happen!


  • Attached is Ms. Mariappan’s Zoom meeting schedule M-Th 9:30am – 11:45am and 1:30-2:30 and Friday upon request (please scroll to the bottom of the page for info on lessons)

      Meeting ID: 558 284 083 and Password: 484464

Meeting ID: 458 856 249 and Password: 005626

  • Ms.Jaimie’s 1st-grade Zoom meeting schedule is M-Th 09:30 AM

Meeting ID: 748 9872 6402

Password: 4isjpc

  • Mrs.Culver’s Zoom meeting schedule is T and Th 9:30 – 11:15

 Third-grade link

Second-grade link

  • If you need us outside of our zoom meeting hours, please send us an email or private message on Google Classroom

  • The video lessons are for all 3 classes. They are especially useful for those who can’t make it to the live Zoom lessons and can be viewed at your leisure. The videos are posted each morning in the grade-specific google classrooms. Students from all 3 classes can attend zoom lessons.


 The google classrooms hold the digital versions of their work packets for the week, along with writing and other announcements. You can submit their completed work in the google classroom or via email. Here is the class code.

Elementary classroom: ifkeeve

1st grade: ur4f3oh

2nd grade: pkcsry2

3rd grade: 2fiwsdb

Fantastic Friday classroom: dseud3i

This week’s Focus

1st Grade- Math -Geometry, dynamic addition, word problems, and money.

L.A – Compare two text, verb tense, central message, context clues, plurals and informational text.

2nd Grade-Math -Geometry, word problems and measurement.

L.A – Character Traits, Author’s purpose, compare and contrast, Point of View, Cause and Effect, words and phrase, dictionary skills and Adjective/ Adverb.

3rd Grade- Math –  Identifying quadrilaterals, distributive property, associative property, perimeter, elapsed time and measurement.

L.A – Cause and effect, Shades of Meaning, Figurative Language, Idioms, and proofreading.

Science / Cultural On Moby Max:

Science – Adaptations

Cultural – Country and States

Readworks: Article a day is assigned for each grade level. It is a 10-minute reading article.  After reading 2nd&3rd graders can register what they learned in the Book of Knowledge and it is optional for 1st graders to do Book of Knowledge.

1stgrade 7L4URA Password is -1234!assignmentTab:a/studentId:/classCode:7L4URA/

2nd grade  DJTSKH Password is -1234!assignmentTab:a/studentId:/classCode:DJTSKH/

3rd grade FJG6DL Password is -1234!assignmentTab:a/studentId:/classCode:FJG6DL/


  • Your student(s) don’t need to do online work every day. They can spread it out throughout the week.

  • Moby Max is where you will find the weekly science and cultural lessons

  •  class code is IZYKNJ

  • Check out Readworks article a day (links are above)

Did you know?

All grade levels are sending out report cards at the end of the year to reflect what the students have been learning during this distance learning time.

  • Elementary Team