Intermediate News

April 20th, 2020


Important Information

  • Please remember that all student workloads and assignments can be adjusted to meet individual student needs. Now is a great time to adjust workloads as the Intermediate teachers have begun planning for the rest of the year. If you let us know about what is happening (or not happening) at home, we can help with tips and tricks, accommodations, or modifications to your student’s workload. Please email us and talk with us directly about your experience at home if your student is struggling to complete their work or manage their workload. 


  • Your student has been taught to be an Independent Learner! Since Primary, students have been practicing doing work independently. If you find that they are asking you for help on every single assignment, either their workload needs to be adjusted OR they are not using their skills as an independent learner. Contact your student’s teacher for help. We can always remind them of our expectations. 


  • Remind your students to use their resources! Students should be watching videos put out by teachers and participating in Zoom lessons. This will help them complete their work more independently. Please encourage them to read all of their instructions (Following Directions is a lifeskill) before asking how to do something!! We use that tactic all the time in the classroom and it usually works!


Young Authors

Young Authors this week are your finishing touches! Finishing touches instructions were sent home in March and will be sent home again just in case they got lost. Look for a video with additional instructions and next steps on Tuesday! 


All revisions are being edited by Miss D and then returned to students ready to print the final draft. To make things go faster, be sure to email Miss D Microsoft word files or share the draft with Miss D on google docs. If you haven’t sent in your drafts for editing, get them to Miss D as soon as possible so that they can be edited!


Research/Science Fair

Boards and Folders Finishing Touches

1) Build your presentation stage:  In other words, attach all parts (materials list, procedure list, pictures, data chart, conclusion etc.,)  onto your presentation board (or tape them to your wall, cupboards, or whatever. ) Take this week to just assemble what you need to record your video. It’s NEXT week (April 27- May 1) that  your video presentation and binder/papers are due. 

2) While you are at it,  create your research binder. Next week  you will present your science fair project via video or zoom to Mrs. Gonzalez. Your skills group teacher will grade binders but Gonzalez will grade presentation. 


Go to Generation lesson “Conservation of Matter”  by clicking on  Watch the video and  read the lesson material. When finished, complete the “paper quiz” found at the bottom of the lesson.  Submit test to Miss Dubitsky.

Social Studies

There is an online version of our Social Studies Weekly Newspapers that your student can access at home. This version has many pros to it and will even read along with your student! Below are the directions of how to login. All students usernames and passwords are the same at Moby Max. We are attaching all students’ login information for reference. 

Studies Weekly:

  1. Go to

  2. Login using given Username and Password (most are the same as Moby Max and

  3. Click on the icon for the newspaper.

  4. Click on week 24 “Impact on Families”

  5. Complete the reading, and crossword puzzle.