Dear Cheetah Families,

Thank you all for your immense support to our students and teachers. We understand that many of you are going through a lot of uncertainty during this time and we would like to give a huge shout out to all the parents who are supporting our students academically, physically, emotionally, and socially during this time. At this time, we are unsure whether students will be returning back to school before summer. Therefore, we will be introducing some new concepts and we want to make sure that our students are able to get the best education through distance learning. In order to get this going, we would like all the students to attend zoom lessons to understand the concept and this would be an opportunity to see their classmates. Here are some of the guidelines:

  • We highly recommend our students to be present for zoom lessons and to follow the schedule. Please have them sit in a designated spot where they are away from all distractions. When they come for the lessons, please make sure they are on time and bring only their work packets, lapboard, pencils, and eraser as they do in class. There can be no toys or other distractions so that students will not miss any part of the lesson.

  • New concepts will be taught as lessons during the Zoom meeting. So kindly check the zoom schedule before assigning your student to work on a particular worksheet. If they need help with any other worksheet, they can always check with me during lessons. I can assign time to teach those lessons.

  • To keep students’ work time routine, please have them complete 1 worksheet at a time. Once they complete 1 worksheet, check for its correctness and that the concept is understood. Once the worksheet is correct, then sign students off and have them proceed to the next worksheet (This is what they do at school). If you are unable to sign off 1 worksheet at a time, have students complete 3 worksheets before you check and sign them off.

  • A suggestion when you help your student. Teach the concept first and help with a few questions in the worksheet then let your student work on the rest. That’s how we know whether our students get the concept or not. Parents are welcome to stay for the lesson but please make sure to be an observer.

  • Ask your students to wear headphones to avoid any distractions during lessons.


Ms. Jaimie and Mrs. Culver will be doing lessons for Ms.Jaime’s class.Ms. Jaimie will take over first-graders and Mrs. Margaret will do 2nd and 3rd graders.


  • Attached is Ms. Mariappan’s Zoom meeting schedule(please scroll to the bottom of the page)

  •  For Ms. B, her zoom meeting schedule is M-Th 9:30am-11:00am and again 1:00pm-2:00pm Fri 12:30-2:30

  • Ms.Jaimie’s Zoom meeting schedule is M-th 9:30 -10:15

  • Mrs.Culver’s Zoom meeting schedule is T and Th 9:30 – 11:15

 Third  grade link

Second-grade link

  • If you need us outside of our zoom meeting hours, please send us an email or private message on Google Classroom


We have created google classrooms for each grade level. In the google classrooms are the digital versions of their work packets for the week, along with writing and other announcements. You can submit their completed work in the google classroom or via email. Please check your email for the invite or use the class codes listed below:

Elementary classroom: ifkeeve

1st grade: ur4f3oh

2nd grade: pkcsry2

3rd grade: 2fiwsdb

Fantastic Friday classroom: dseud3i

*In the Google classroom there are answer keys provided for some of the worksheets.

Important Dates

  • Friday, April 17th, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm -Pick up and drop off work

  • April 14th-May 1st Online Distance Learning Continues

If you are finding it difficult to create a routine at home, here is the students’ typical school schedule to modify to fit your home:

8:21-9:20 Lindamood Bell(LMB)lessons/SMILE

LMB: reading for 20 minutes

SMILE: dance, yoga, scooters, and scoopers

9:20-9:30 snack

9:30-12:00 Students work to complete 5-6 LA and Math jobs

12:00-12:45 Lunch/Recess

12:45-12:50 5 minutes of relaxed quiet time to calm down from recess

12:50-1:20 Writing time (Opinion Writing)

1:20-1:35 Science

1:35-1:50 Cultural

1:50-2:35 Creativity time (Art, coloring, students choice)

This Week’s Focus

1st Grade- Math -missing addends, fractions, telling time in ½ hr, money word problems, and Graphing.

L.A – Character traits, context clues, reading comprehension, and adjective and verbs,

2nd Grade-Math -3-digit addition, subtraction, adding 4 addends, missing addend, place value, and measurement.

L.A – compare and contrast, beginning, middle and end, context clues, fables, adverbs, simple and compound sentences

3rd Grade- Math –  equivalent fractions, 2-step word problems, multiplication, division, time elapse, comparing fractions.

L.A -conjunction, dialogues, possessive nouns, reading comprehension, point of view.

Science / Cultural On Moby Max:

 Science – Energy

Cultural – Inventions that changed the world.


  • Your student(s) don’t need to do online work every day. They can spread it out throughout the week.

  • Moby Max is where you will find the weekly science lessons

  •  class code is IZYKNJ

Did you know?

 you can borrow a Chrome book from our school and if your student needs any of the school supplies -pencil, paper, color pencils, and crayons. Let your teacher know and you can get it when you pick up your packet on Friday.

  • Elementary Team

Elementary Team