Our Mission


The mission of the Antioch Charter Academies is to facilitate academic and personal growth of TK‐8th grade students of all socio‐economic levels and ethnic backgrounds. ACA enables 21st century students to become literate, self‐motivated, innovative, lifelong learners, and compassionate, collaborative active citizens. We nurture and support a partnership of students, teachers, families and the community; embrace individual strengths; and build upon research informed educational best practices including Montessori, multiple intelligences, brain‐compatible teaching, and multi‐age groupings with small class sizes


Our Vision


To provide a learning environment where students of all socio‐economic levels and ethnic backgrounds embrace education, exhibit compassion, and accept personal responsibility


March 31, 2020

Distance Learning until May 1st

As you know all schools in Contra Costa County, including ACA I & II, will be closed for on-campus learning until May 1st. Distance learning will continue for ACA II students until that date. The teachers have been working hard to prepare curriculum for all of our students. We appreciate all of your efforts at home to help keep our students learning! In addition, all school events that were scheduled for the month of April have been canceled and will hopefully be rescheduled for a later date. More information will come out about school events once students return to on-campus learning.


Spring Break is Next Week!

Our Spring Break is next week, April 6th-13th, as previously scheduled. This means that students will not be assigned work for that week. Assigned work for the week after break will be made available on this Friday, April 3rd, but it will not be due until Friday April 17th.


Friday April 3rd is a Drop Off/Pick Up Day!

Staff members will be on campus on Friday April 3rd, between 8:00am and 12:00pm for drop off and pick up of work. Work for the week after spring break will be available for pick up on Friday. There will not be a drop off/pick up day during spring break.


Drop Off

* Completed work can be dropped off to each level. If your student hasn’t finished everything on their contract for the week, it’s ok to turn in whatever they are finished with so that teachers can start tracking their progress.

* Work can also be send to teachers electronically in one email. If you have a scanner at home, work can be scanned and emailed. If you do not have a scanner, your Android or iPhone has scanner capabilities and can turn a picture into a PDF!


Pick Up

* Packets of next week’s work will be available from Primary, Elementary, Intermediate, and Middle School. This work is for the week after spring break and will be due on Friday April 17th.

* If you didn’t pick up a packet last week, but would like to pick one up this week, please email your child’s teacher so that we can make one available!

* Chromebooks can still be picked up (or exchanged if it isn’t working). Please let your teacher know if you need one so that we can have one prepared for you.


Please complete the survey

The teachers are reaching out to check in and gather some information to find out how you are doing, and if there is anything we can do to support you during the school closure.
Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey

Family Formal


Hey ACA family. I hope everyone is hanging in there with the shelter in place. Being that we will for sure be out of school until May and big gatherings will more than likely still be banned we are going to cancel the Family Formal. We are really disappointed that we have to do this but we also need to be realistic. We will keep the Kentucky Derby theme for next year’s formal.


If you have already paid for your tickets, trophies, medals or any accessories we will happily refund you. If you would like to donate the money to it Family Formal dance for next year that would also be greatly appreciated.


If you would like a refund please email me your address and I will send you a check. If you sent money via venmo I will be reversing the charges.


Thank you all for you flexibility and understanding your FNB family.

School Projects….


Are you at home board…. We are still looking for volunteers to make planter boxes for around the elementary tan bark area.  They need to be about 18”h x 18”w X really long!!!! The school will pay for materials but would love for donations of wood, dirt, weed block, tanbark to help keep the cost down.  This would be a great way to earn volunteer hours at home.  Feel free to come in on 1 of our Friday drop off/pick up days to get better measurements.

Please let the office know if you would be willing to build or donate materials. Thank you!


2019/2020 Dates to Remember:


April 6-10                         Spring Break



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2019-2020 Family Network Board

Chairperson: Annu Fuentes                          
Co-Chairperson: Adriana Solorio       
Secretary: Sharron Scott                     
Treasurer: Susan Cano                                  
Volunteer Coordinator: Brandi Lopez            
Fundraising Coordinator: Maria Strock
Co-Fundraising Coordinator: Ashley Rice
Social Coordinator: Sara Wall             
Co-Social Coordinator: Jillian Broussard

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