Intermediate News

March 30th, 2020


Important Information


  • Expect regular communication from your skills group teacher via email. This will include teacher instruction on assignments and teacher availability during the week. 


  • Next week’s work will come out by 12:00pm on Friday March 27th. We are sending out work one week at a time. We will continue to have pick up hours on Fridays. Look for more information in the ACA II Weekly Newsletter.

  • Assignments can be turned in for teacher review in two ways. 1. Completed packets can be physically turned into school on a pickup day or 2. Completed work can be emailed to the teacher (in one email please) by either scanning it or taking a picture with your phone and attaching it to the email. 

Young Authors

This is the second week of revisions for Young Authors. Everyone either has their portfolio or was sent their drafts over email. Students should be working on their Present revisions. All revisions should be sent or shared directly with Miss Dubitsky at


Research/Science Fair

For the Science Fair, students should complete their outcomes graph/chart for their project. Show your teacher the results of each trial that you did during your experiment. Your results, including measurements,  should be displayed in a data chart or some type of graph. See examples below:


Want another copy of the Science Fair packet? It’s attached to this email!


Go to this site to learn about WAVES. Read all and take the paper test at the end. Paper copies of everything are attached at the bottom of this email just in case you need them.  Submit test to Miss Dubitsky. 


Social Studies

There is an online version of our Social Studies Weekly Newspapers that your student can access at home. This version has many pros to it and will even read along with your student! Below are the directions of how to login. All students usernames and passwords are the same at Moby Max.

To login in to Social Studies Weekly:

  1. Go to

  2. Login using given Username and Password (most are the same as Moby Max and

  3. Click on the icon for the newspaper.

  4. Click on week 21 “Signing the Declaration”

  5. Complete the reading, and crossword puzzle. 


This year, we started using Gradelink as a way to monitor student grading and get more information to parents. At the beginning of the year, you logged in and filled out basic emergency information for us. Now, you can also login to access any work from your student’s teacher page and see any newsletters they post! This is a great resource in case you lose this email, or any documents your teacher emails you. If you do not remember you Gradelink login, or never logged in, please contact Mrs. Thompson at aca2office@antiochcharteracademy. org

Daily Schedule for Intermediate

During this unpredictable time, it can help students to continue a similar schedule to what they have when in their school routine. Below is our daily schedule for Intermediate that may help you and your student plan out days better. 


8:15    Attendance 

8:20     Class meeting

8:50    Skills groups for Language Arts & Math (break time usually around 9:30-10 am)

11:00    Social Studies, Science, & Writing (Monday-Wednesday)

12:00     Lunch & recess

12:45    Book talks

1:00    SSR

2:00    Electives

3:00     Dismissal


Instrumental Music

Please look for emails from Mrs. Vela and practice 30 minutes per day. Your parents will appreciate you practicing in your bedroom or garage (please).

Ideas for Family Learning

  • Write a group story where everyone passes around the paper and adds one sentence to the story

  • Play some new card games (21 is a great game for math, Speed is great for fluency, Spoons is great for concentration and competition)

  • Create your own board game using people in your family as characters

  • Write your own skit and then act it out

  • Conduct a literature group, where everyone reads part of a story or chapter from a chapter book and then discusses their favorite part or what they predict will happen next

  • Play Scrabble or Bananagrams to help with spelling and vocabulary

  • Create an art project or painting together

  • Have them teach you all the Personal Safety moves (Tiger Claws and Nunchucks!)

  • Create musical instruments from items around the house (set clear ground rules and time limits for this one)

  • Play Dominoes, Yahtzee, or Uno for math