Thank you parents for all your hard work during this uncertain time. You guys are doing great at homeschooling! To keep student’s work time routine, please have them complete 1 worksheet at a time. Once they complete 1 worksheet, look it over to make sure it is correct and the concept is understood. Once the worksheet is correct, then sign students off and have them proceed to the next worksheet(This is what they do at school). If you are unable to sign off 1 worksheet at a time, have students complete 3 worksheets, and then have you check to make sure the 3 worksheets are correct and each concept was understood.


For our online learning material we are only using Moby Max, Khan Academy and Lallilo. For math and language arts, if you prefer one site over the other you have the option. Also, your student(s) don’t need to go on the online websites everyday. Our science lessons will be assigned through Moby Max.


  • Attached is Ms. Mariappan’s Zoom meeting schedule.

  • For Ms. B, her zoom meeting schedule is M-Th 9:30am-11:00am and again 1:00pm-2:00pm Fri 12:30-2:30

  • If you need us outside of our zoom meeting hours, please send us an email or private message on Google Classroom


We have created google classrooms for each grade level. In the google classrooms are the digital versions of their work packets for the week, along with writing and other announcements. You can submit their completed work in the google classroom or via email. Please check your email for the invite or use the class codes listed below:

Elementary classroom: ifkeeve

1st grade: ur4f3oh

2nd grade: pkcsry2

3rd grade: 2fiwsdb

Fantastic Friday classroom: dseud3i

*In the Google classroom there are answer keys provided for some of the worksheets.

Important Dates

  • Friday, April 3rd, 8:00am – 12:00pm -Pick up and drop off work

  • Spring Break April 6 – 13th Spring Break:no assignments or Zoom meetings

  • April 14th-May 1st Online Distance Learning Continues

If you are finding it difficult to create a routine at home, here is the students typical school schedule to modify to fit your home:

8:21-9:20 Lindamood Bell(LMB)lessons/SMILE

LMB: reading for 20 minutes

SMILE:dance, yoga, scooters and scoopers

9:20-9:30 snack

9:30-12:00 Students work to complete 5-6 LA and Math jobs

12:00-12:45 Lunch/Recess

12:45-12:50 5 minutes of relaxed quiet time to calm down from recess

12:50-1:20 Writing time (Opinion Writing)

1:20-1:35 Science

1:35-1:50 Cultural

1:50-2:35 Creativity time (Art, coloring, students choice)

This Week’s Focus

1st Grade-digraphs, punctuation, geometry, missing addend, telling time, 10 less 10 more, adding 10’s, reading comprehension, and multiple meaning words.

2nd Grade-3-digit addition, adding on, context clues, point of view, root words, comparing characters,cause and effect, money, reading a calendar, nouns, adverbs, adjectives, measurement, word problems, subtraction, proper nouns and addition.

3rd Grade- Abstract nouns, prefix, suffix, reading comprehension, poetry, cause and effect, compare and contrast,adverbs, word problems, finding area by tiling, partitioning shapes, equivalent fractions, multiplication, addition, subtraction and 2-step word problems

Science On Moby Max:

 Parts of a Plant. There are 4 parts to the lesson, you don’t have to do all 4 in 1 day, you can spread it out.


  • Your student(s) don’t need to do online work everyday. They can spread it out throughout the week.

  • Moby Max is where you will find the weekly science lessons

  •  class code is IZYKNJ

Elementary Team